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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Zaha may not be on our wish list after all, not much of a surprise


The Guardian are reporting that we may be cooling our interest in Ivory Coast winger Wilfried Zaha because of his Africa Cup of Nations commitments. I have always thought it daft, managers complaining when players go to the tournament or try to stop them going, they knew the situation when they signed them. If you don't want a player missing for a month don't sign them, it isn't rocket science.

I think his price tag might have something to fo with it when we can sign Bruma for less than a third of the price. His statistics, as I revealed recently, are much better, although it is in a weaker league he is playing.

Costa, Bruma, Zaha - stats give a clear winner

He is certainly an improving footballer and catches the eye but is he consistent enough to challenge for a title. We have to be very strict in our criteria and harsh in our assessment, sentiment can not play a part, nor can be being swayed by skill that doesn't lead to anything. End product, what is the end product of a piece of skill, is the vision there or is it all, for want of a better word, selfish skill.

By that I mean is his head up enough to know what is going on around him? Can he cope with a different system where he has a specific job to do. Does he have the mental capacity to take in the role of every other player and where he will have to be on the pitch at all time? Can he anticipate or is he a reactive player?

I haven't watched him enough to know. We were interested last summer and the press assume that makes us interested this summer, it seems they might have found out it doesn't though.

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