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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Yedlin o another daft suggestion

After stupidity from HITC suggesting 33-year-old before next season Fernando Llorente would be 'ideal' for Tottenham when his game is totally unsuited to ours, they come up with another stupid suggestion.

Because of Kyle Walker's situation, will we regret selling DeAndre Yedlin to Newcastle United. Well the short answer is NO.

We play a technical game where passing and movement are essential, where the players need to be technically gifted. Yedlin isn't, he was light years away on the technical side of the game when he was at Tottenham, neither did he know what he was doing when defending.

Basically he was so far away from being Premier League standard that it wasn't worth keeping him and training him. Newcastle United are returning to the Premier League, that doesn't automatically make Yedlin a top four player or a player of a standard to challenge for a Premier League title.

If you are suggesting it was a mistake to sell Yedlin the you are setting your standards low, hardly what we want to be doing, we want to be raising quality not reducing it.

The future is in the opposite direction to the past, looking over your should and saying what if isn't going to march you forward, so you simply don't waste time doing it, if you want to be a success that is.

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