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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Wages are not the issue the Sun makes them out to be

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I see Sun reporter Mark Irwin has shown a complete lack of understanding of football, assuming everything is about wages, it isn't.

Daniel Levy will not have to fork out for new deals to stop transfers because players actually want to be a part of something, they want to be in an environment where they are happy and challenging for titles. That is at Spurs at the moment, quite apart from the fact that they want to work with Mauricio Pochettino.

Those predicting an exodus or a series of top stars leaving have got it all wrong. Yes a trophy is needed, but the future is about more than one trophy and with a new stadium, which is a draw, the capacity will be there to compete on a more equal footing.

I don't have any qualms about the summer. Everton interest in Kierran Trippier is meaningless, he has never complained, said he is happy and that he is improving under Pochettino. He has no reason to leave and has shown he can take over from Walker if need be.

To win trophies we need players who want to be at White Hart Lane, not players who want to be at White Hart Lane for the money, there is a huge difference.

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  1. I would prefer to lose Trip to Everton than Walker to anyone.
    I also think that no one is bigger than the club but that's all well and good when you have achieved success and can send players on there way. Walker isn't disruptive and for some reason Poch is off him and that could have a ripple affect on the other boys.

    1. Walker and Poch have frequently not seen eye to eye but Walker has been very professional. In that sort of relationship things can eventually snap. I do not see Daniel levy allowing Walker to move to a Premier League club, it would take a massive fee that would fund the purchase of two or more players to improve the overall quality within the squad for it to happen.

  2. You lost me at..'sun reporter'..!

    1. Most people are lost at a Sun reporter, a Daily Star reporter scrapes the same barrel.



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