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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Two-season table back ups Bilić claim


Tottenham identify top transfer target (says who?), will make bid despite Arsenal and Chelsea interest.

What difference does it make if Arsenal and Chelsea are interested? Arsenal are a step-down, a club a 17 point mile away and a club below us last season until the players game up when the title was gone. Chelsea have a host of targets and Barkley is reported as wanting to join Spurs. Their interest is immaterial, we are not going to not make a bid just because another club is interested.

Isn't it amazing that every time we pay a club their manager, except Arsene Wenger of course, comes out and says Tottenham are the best team in the Premier League. Slaven Bilić has done just that now in an effort to deflect attention from the problems he is having. It is a common tactic that has been used so many times it loses meaning, you couldn't even call it a mind game anymore. Anyway, if you look at the table over the past two seasons we are the best team in the league.

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  1. They are phenomenal stats. The only column we aren't best in (and some of them are by a country mile) is the Net Spend column where Liverpool just trump us by £2 million.

    OTOH we're only sixteen points and a thirty-two goal difference above the Arse. I'll take it!


  2. But lets just remember we have yet to win something even with those stats. Lets hope its just a matter of time now.

  3. It seems obvious to me that we will. To worry about not doing so is exactly what others want us to think. To dilute the positive energy that's been built up already. The signs are there. You only have to believe your eyes.

    Alternatively you can worry about it. I know where my focus will be.




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