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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Spurs set records, records and more records

Spurs trounce Hull to set a pile of records

A trouncing of Hull City, yet another hat-trick from the Golden Boot winner, Dele Alli all but confirming he will be at Tottenham next season and Arsenal in the UEFA Europa League, thus being unattractive to the top players. What a wonderful weekend and the sun is out too.

We set our best away premier League winning margin against Leicester City and then beat it again against Hull City. That is finishing on a high and shows all those bleating about tiredness last season hadn't a clue what they were talking about.

Couldn't wish for a better group of lads to have played the season with! Thanks to the fans! Let's make next season even better 🙌🏽⚽️

We scored more Premier League goals than anyone else (85), we conceded fewer Premier League goals than anyone else (26), giving us the best goal difference of the season (+60), we finished with a record Premier League points haul (86), we kept more Premier League clean sheets than we have before (17), we won more Premier League games in a season than we have before (26), we were unbeaten in our final season at White Hart Lane dropping only 4 points, we finished in our highest Premier League position (2nd) and we only lost 4 Premier League games all season,
less than anyone else.

To say we are on the up is an understatement.

Away from home, we were the fifth best in the league, Liverpool and Manchester United were 2 points better than us, Manchester City were five points better than us and Chelsea were eleven points better than us.

Room for improvement but not too shabby.

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  1. First I want to say how good it is to see a picture of the whole squad from Dele's tweet. That says a whole lot about the attitude of a player who could easily be excused for becoming a prima donna after so much success in such a short period of time. Shooting to stardom is not inaccurate in his case. Nevertheless, he shows he has a perfect attitude and respect for the whole squad. Brilliant.

    As for our away record, I seem to recall discussion earlier in the season that we were let down by our away peformances and results. Since then we must have improved considerably.

    Many congratulations to HK for a second successive Golden Boot. That doesn't happen too often.

    Great work from the whole club. They can go away on holiday with all their heads held high after powering through to the end of the season in spite of losing a concrete target to aim for before the last few matches. I've been saying for weeks that holding on to winning ways when there's nothing material to aim for is the sign of a great mentality. They showed that with plenty to spare. What a great sign for next season.


  2. Proportionately (bearing in mind the old 42 league games system, and the old 2 points for a win system) we finished with our best points total since the Double winning year of 1960/1. I also venture to say that our points total of 86 would have WON the PL in probably 15 or more of the 25 seasons since the PL began. Our GD of 60 was also probably the best gap apart from on maybe 2 or 3 other occasions (I think Man U, as champions, once had circa 70 GD) in PL history. Add those to the facts we lost fewer games than anyone, scored more goals than anyone, and conceded fewer goals than anyone this season, and that we've been the best team in England (well, the UK actually) over the last TWO seasons, and it's a bloody great tragedy that we've won nothing. We have to make it right. This team is Glorious, but as much as Glory can be about beautiful failure as well as success, this team must leave a lasting legacy so we can look back in years to come and remember every single one of them with a huge smile on our faces.

  3. Glad to see the togetherness of the whole squad! Even Sissoko... I think he's been performing up to scratch... certainly Poch has been playing him regularly as a starter... and also Janssen... really hope he catches fire next year... and rival HK for the goals...



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