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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Spurs New stadium articles, links, videos


Picture courtesy of Tottenham Hotspur FC
Stadiums: The Challenges and Opportunities is an article from construction news many of you interested in the new stadium build might be interested in reading.

Grab yourself a cup of coffee as there are six chapters:
Mapping The Pipeline
Phasing For Revenue
Funding And Land
Technical Challenges
Importing And Exporting
A Bright Future

Once you have finished that reading it is time for a short video from Sky Sports entitled Spurs New Stadium Latest. This includes images from the Sky Sports helicopter and offers another perspective to the official pictures released by Tottenham Hotspur, often through the official Twitter account.

Euro News have their own aerial video which you can see below. The aerial views from a helicopter were taken on Tuesday (May 30) and show mechanical diggers churning up the old stadium's pitch and demolition of old stands beginning.

The innovative new stadium is being constructed that will enable Spurs to offer the NFL a purpose-built ground in London. The NFL pitch will be permanent with the Premier League pitch above it. The turf pitch will be retractable, sliding away in three sections to be parked underneath the stands during an NFL game.

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