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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Spurs Nature Reseve approved, love the grass roof


Picture thanks to the Tottenham Hotspur Official Website

Enfield Council have approved the Tottenham Hotspur planning application for the building of
a new education and environmental facility, on a site adjacent to our Training Centre.

The THFC Environmental Centre and Nature Reserve is another innovation from our club and one designed to help the school children of the borough. nature reserves are a haven for wildlife and as someone who grew up in the country, I believe there simply can't be enough of them, far better than an ever increasing concrete jungle.

Picture thanks to the Tottenham Hotspur Official Website

We are told the project will deliver a purpose-built education facility alongside a top-level multi-use sports pitch and a nature reserve with boardwalks, wildflower walks and meadow to provide a high-quality, hands-on learning experience for Enfield children, alongside a world-class multi-use sports field for schools and Club use.

Our Club Chairman, Daniel Levy, talked about the innovative project on the Spurs Official Website.

“The location of the Club’s Training Centre has provided us with an unrivalled and unique opportunity to deliver something truly outstanding for the young people of Enfield. 
“Through our section 106 commitments in Enfield, our Training Centre has already been able to play an important role locally through the hosting of sport and educational projects alongside a comprehensive programme of outreach work. This facility represents a sustainable long-term investment into the next generation and will provide facilities for children to learn in a fun, high quality and natural environment that can remain part of the borough for years to come.”
No otherPremier League club has anything like this and is yet another way the club is connecting with local communities while keeping our brand in the public eye. Our marketing department are taking an overall look at things instead of piecemeal.

The club is so much more professional now and undertaking things in the manner of a world class company, not something we have done before. Act like you intend to be, totally believe you will become what you believe and you will become it.

Spurs are on their way.


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  1. Surely there is something wrong? A positive article on Spurs. I am so tired of reading articles that begin somewhat like "twenty reasons why Spurs will not win---", or "A major exodus of Spurs players-----", or " Moving to Wembley will mean relegation for Spurs---", etc. etc. or even that classic quote from a Sky commentator who accused Spurs of bottling it after losing one of the last 12 or 13 matches and that by 1-0.
    Really makes you wonder about the media/pundits. Trump was so right about 'fake news'



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