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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Spurs must devise a social media strategy to grow and engage with the fanbase


Social Media was one of the areas I wrote to the club about that I felt we had to improve. That and Spurs TV which seemed to be run for the presenters rather than the fans. Another graphic from Tottenham Hotspur US‏ @Spurs_US on Twitter backs up my point.

Social media is absolutely essential as a marketing tool today, people live by social media, they use it to make informed buying decisions, not just use it for idle chat. Our social media manager should be sitting down during the summer and devising a growth strategy for twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and Facebook at least.

We have to know what we are trying to achieve through its use, I get the impression we just throw things up and see what happens. Josh Hershman departs and we have certainly improved during his three-year stint. More to do to hit elite level yet though.

My last game at the social media helm tomorrow. Had a great three years. Proud to have worked alongside lots of great people.

We will soon be in a new stadium, and hosting a new market through NFL games, we have to have a strategy in place to benefit from that and social media could play a big part. We have the official Twitter account pumping out content, but I would have thought an official academy account or more academy news should be incorporated, especially as we have a youth development strategy. The fans need to be kept informed of who is coming next and how they are developing.

Our youth players have Twitter or Instagram accounts so why not have them engage with the younger audience. A parent overseeing their child's use would prevent abuse, but the Tottenham supporters of tomorrow developing links with the Tottenham players of tomorrow would create that club fan bond we have been developing over the past three years.

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  1. In my view this year as a neutral I think THFC is the true winner of this year's premier league. It has done so with pride and dignity and total beautiful football. other clubs are accused of buying their way to the title, with endemic racism, sexism and money laundering issues associated with them. Not so THFC. an honourable club with a wonderful management team> next year I am not neutral and I want to support an honest grassroots british club. Hail the Spurs! Hail the honesty and integrity of EPL! get rid of the creepy clubs - ban them and arrest their personnel!



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