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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Spurs, Man United, Man City and Arsenal look to Monaco right-back Djibril Sidibé


French nationwide daily sports newspaper L'Equipe are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Arsenal have all made it be known to Ligue 1 champions AS Monaco that they are interested in signing their right-back Djibril Sidibé.

Monaco buy low and sell high and have been doing it rather successfully over the last couple of years so while his advisers are meeting with the club, if the price is right for them they will no doubt sell. Having said that, the art is to sell players you have lined up a low priced replacement for that you can develop or that you have an experienced player lined up to take his place.

Sidibé gave an interview to Goal and was mindful of the World Cup coming up in 2018 so ants to ensure he gives himself maximum chance of being there by making the right decision about his future now..

"I am under contract in Monaco. Today I like it. As I said before, I have an attraction for the Premier League and I also love Spain. Everything will depend on the president, and I also know that at one year of the World Cup the objective is to fill his playing time to the maximum and to be performing. My goal is to move forward. There will be a reflection with the club to see which project is best suited for me according to the requests."



  1. Can you please write an article rubbishing these Gameiro links, because they are starting to worry me....

    1. I hear you.

      Alternatively, giving us an explanation as to why. It certainly seems to be outside of our usual approach.




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