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Monday, 1 May 2017

Spurs legend Ledley King Tweets - There's a new shariff in town

Legend Ledley endears himself to Spurs fans everywhere

Former players are revelling in the power shift currently taking place in North London. It has been a long time coming but coming it certainly is and that is expected to be confirmed in the summer transfer market.

Right now Spurs legend Ledley King echoed what has been evident for two seasons now, there's a new sheriff in town.

Last summer you constantly saw stories of West Ham United interested in this player and that player and every time you read a story you thought to yourself, they haven't got a hope. You try to tell them that players want UEFA Champions League football first, UEFA Europa League football second and money is just a by-product but their fans couldn't understand, they simply thought a new stadium and increased TV revenue meant players would come flocking if they asked.

Arsenal are not quite in that boat. They certainly have the finances to offer but their income is going to drop with no UEFA Champions League football, if that happens. It probably explains the state Arsene Wenger is in at the moment.

I talk about positivity breeding an atmosphere, an environment where success can grow. You feel it at Spurs, do you feel it at Arsenal, have the fans have turned on the club and it is falling to pieces. Whoever says fan don't have an impact on clubs doesn't know what they are talking about and knows nothing about mentality or what it takes to succeed.

Ledley King was the finest centre-back of his generation and had his career ruined by a chronic knee problem. John Terry and Rio Ferdinand benefitted from that, Spurs settled on having a loyal club man who was quite simply top class.

A Spurs man through and through, he can see the shift in North London, can you?

If you can't, Specsavers are doing good deals at the moment.

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1 comment:

  1. I was on a gooner site the other day where someone was making the point that there is no REAL shift in power. Merely a temporary statistical anomaly.

    It was really embarrassing. What some people will convince themselves of if they're so very desperate they just can't handle the truth.

    Every point that was made sounded like it had the clarity of thought of a six year old, proud they'd learned to write down their thoughts, with that same innocence expecting the world to appreciate their results as much as mummy did.

    I suspect they'll be the Gonners for a fair while now, until those in charge do SOMETHING to halt the decline.




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