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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Sissoko looking for somone else to blame


If anyone wanted to know why Moussa Sissoko has failed at Tottenham they only have to listen to him speak. Instead of taking responsibility as a winning mentality would, he looks for excuses and wants to blame other people, those are the traits of the non-successful.

Having helped Newcastle United to relegation he joined is on deadline day for an initial fee plus annual payments for each year he remained at Tottenham up to the full extent of his initial 5-year contract. It was clear from the start that he didn't have the technical ability to play our system, his touches were heavy, his control poor. Those are not elements of our system he has to learn, they should be basics h can adapt to. He couldn't.

Fortunately if we sell him this summer and both the club and his representatives have discussed how he can be moved on, then we don't have to pay the remainder of the fee so we don't actually lose the money on him that the lazy press will,no doubt claim.

First he was unfit he said, then he had to learn the system, now it is nobody is talking to him, the reason for that is because everyone decided very early on he wasn't good enough, it's as simple as that.

The very fact that he is on the periphery tells him all he needs to know, the fact there is little communication with Pochettino tells him all he needs to know. he is a bit thick if he can't work it out. Pochettino told him earlier in the season his training wasn't good enough and that he had to work harder. If he had done so then there would be more communication, clearly he hasn't and has thus been pushed aside.

WE know that is how h operates with Southampton players saying the same. You don't waste your time on players you don't want or players who don't show the commitment they need to.

I have to hold my hand up and say he is a player, as a central midfielder, that I wanted us to buy for £25 million maximum at the beginning of the window. I got that one wrong.

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  1. Sisokko is really irritating. Real pity we spent that money on him rather than Zaha. I would be very surprised if he around after these comments.

  2. Very few have the courage to put their opinions out there with their names attached, Clive. Reading the future is always going to be fraught. Admitting you made a mistake in that same public arena takes courage and honesty. Good for you.

  3. Was always worried about this signing as there were so many bad reports from Newcastle fans about him .Feel he was a very last minute signing as in he is better than nothing .I would have preferred nothing than him signing .We need now we have CL to be looking for far better targets .This guy should be a warning to us for the summer window not to buy just because we can or because a player has played a few good games for his country .

  4. I was very surprised at the time. I suspect that he and they were so desperate that they introduced the strange get-out clause that's something like a guarantee.

    "He'll perform for you or you won't have to pay much.", as it were.




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