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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sir Alex Ferguson - "they’re building something that looks pretty good"

The best manager the Premier League has seen, one that made a difference and took a mediocre team to a title, has spoken of Spurs and Mauricio Pochettino to Sky Sports and he is impressed.

“He’s got a lot of youth in his team, which augurs well for the future. I believe in that, I’ve believed in (bringing through) youth all my life. 
“The value is two-fold. One, they’ll always remember the person who gave them their start in life, and secondly, they create a loyalty base that is there for life. The young players we had coming through still keep in touch with me, and that is an indication of how well it works. 
“I don’t think short-termism works, I really don’t. I think there are teams that can buy all the time and remain successful, but on a general theme, I don’t think short-termism works. 
“With Tottenham, to me, it looks like there is a long-termism there, they’re building something that looks pretty good.”

Tremendous credit must go to Daniel levy for that, which would suit the diminishing cheque book smattering. Much of what is happening at Tottenham has been his vision and he is the one driving the club to strive for excellence. That is backed up by appointing Mauricio Pochettino after the most extensive evaluation and research we have probably done on any potential manager.

Now we are improving on the field as well as off with an excitement about our youth policy that I haven't seen in the 50 plus years I have been supporting the Spurs.

Like Levy, Pochettino sets commitment standards you are expected to meet, you have to work your socks off in training and have the right mental approach, if you don't you'll soon be shipped out to be replaced by another hungry player. That way you get a squad of players who know they must give everything to get a game and must perform immediately to keep playing.

It is tough, but that is what separates winners from losers.

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  1. Let's not rewrite recent history in order to attribute spurs' success largely to the genius of Daniel Levy.

    - no youth policy has been in evidence for 90% of the period Levy's been chairman of spurs.

    - Levy's first choice to replace AVB /Sherwood was not Poch, it was Louis Van Gaal.

    - Look what Levy delivered for Poch last summer when Poch needed to add more quality to our bare first xi.

    1. It isn't rewriting it, he is the instigator of the NFL deal, the stadium and its redesign, a world class training facility (both requirements if you want top players at a club), the search for a manager who can actually improve players rather than just manage them and the increase in the commercial wealth of the club that allowed us to grow and climb above other sides from a mid table and almost bankrupt position.

      That is the true history. A strategy devised and carried through

    2. I supported my claim that history is being rewritten by pointing out three facts, all of which you simply ignored.

  2. thats right Josh but i think mr Levy is at last getting on board

    1. Hope so, anon, we're v close to achieving something historic. Poch has to be given the players he wants this summer.

  3. 'At last getting on board'? Talk about stuffing the facts into your own paradigm - whether they fit or not.

    None of this could have happened without the foresight and vision of Daniel Levy. You may not like it, but to deny it is opening yourself to ridicule from all those in the world that aren't wearing blinkers.

    You guys must be the last die-hards. Most of the anti-Levy brigade shut up when it became blindingly obvious that they were 100% off the mark with their criticisms.

    Don't let that stop you guys though.


    1. I pointed out three facts that undermine your argument (if it can be credited as such), all of which you decided to ignore.

    2. Sorry Josh but that's simply not true. It's true I ignored them at a detailed level, but I dismissed them generally as non-germane - an attempt to stuff the facts into a failed paradigm. Let's take them in detail then, if you insist.

      1. No youth policy has been in evidence for 90% of the period Levy's been chairman of spurs.
      What does this say about the chairman? Well, very little as it happens. As a rule they are looking for someone who determines the path the club will take in those aspects. They're responsible for running the club as a business. That includes supporting the incumbent manager or replacing them as and when they, and the board, deem it prudent. The present youth policy was proposed by MP. Daniel Levy has recognised that as a practical way forward and supported it as far as it's in his power.

      Clearly this comment doesn't undermine anything except your own contentions.

    3. 2. Levy's first choice to replace AVB/Sherwood was not Poch, it was Louis Van Gaal.
      And? Weaker even than the last. Louis van Gaal could well have made a very good manager at Spurs. Let me quote from his Wikipedia page "He is one of the most decorated managers in world football, having won 20 major honours in his managerial career". That he wasn't successful at Man U is far more a reflection of where he was than how good he was. I don't believe anyone could have followed in Sir Alex's footsteps and done well. Not even Sir Alex himself as a younger man. The setup there was understandable, but nevertheless totally unrealistic levels of expectation made it an impossible job. Nobody there wanted to accept the blindingly obvious point that if Sir Alex was a manager in a million then whoever followed him would be less impressive. As I say, even he would have failed in that environment (Remember what happened when he first joined).

      I'm glad we ended up with Poch rather than LvG because I know now that Poch offers something very rare in football management at this time - a new way of approaching the job with a focus on attitude and youth. Besides, as you'd understand better if you read this blog regularly, clubs getting their first choice is rarely something they can rely on so they always, let me emphasize that for you, ALWAYS draw up a list of candidates and get the closest to the top that they can manage. Nowadays the choice would be much closer but very few would claim that LvG would be likely to come to Spurs over Man U at that time. We were where Everton are now and they were where Chelsea and we are. Only such idiots that blame Levy for everything, because they've simply got into the habit of doing that after a number of unsuccessful years at the helm at the start of his tenure, would find him responsible for LvG going to Man U.

      Levy's responsibility was to line up a number of good candidates and then support the one they went for. To claim he hasn't performed in that respect would be contrary to the last three years of improvements and broken records. Not that there aren't those that will, but that doesn't mean anyone has to take them seriously.

    4. 3. Look what Levy delivered for Poch last summer when Poch needed to add more quality to our bare first xi.
      First, and I know it's an obvious point for most people, Levy isn't head of recruitment. He often gets involved, but only where the money is involved. Like most top executives, he sets out the budget within which his experts go and find players to bolster the squad. As mentioned above, when going for players out in the marketplace we have to draw up lists of whom we can afford. Again, due to where we, as a club, fit in the overall picture, we are unlikely to get our first choices every time. Especially when our first choices are on Chelsea's radar, or even United's or Shitty's.

      So, who came in and how?
      Victor Wanyama. £12 mil. He knew what working with Poch was all abaout. Anyone disappointed?
      Moussa Sissoko. £5 mil + £5 mil per season he's played beyond a set threshold. Not a success. Will we lose money on him after we get rid? Very unlikely.
      Georges-Kevin n'Koudou. £9 mil. Success? Not great so far. Improving. Attitude also improving.
      Vincent Janssen. £19 mil. Success? Not so far. Improving and with fantastic attitude.

      We all know AZ were very canny and bumped the price once Michy Batshuayi became unavailable. That transfer almost didn't happen. Daniel Levy was happy to call a halt, but Poch said he really wanted him so Levy showed trust in his manager and released the extra funds. All these reflect both Levy's approach of great care with the finances, as well as Poch's desire for particular types of player. Everyone knows (or certainly should) that, cheap or expensive, around 50% of transfers are duds or thereabouts. Poch has always said he's not interested in buying many players into the system as he understands it normally takes a full season to bed in to a setup like we have here at Spurs. Wanyama was an exception (and exceptional of course).

      So, please excuse me for dismissing your points out of hand, but I hope you now understand why. I really didn't think they needed dealing with as there wasn't a valid one among them.

    5. Levy will have to pay Newcastle the full 30m for sissoko whether he's sold or not; and given the wages he's on, there are unlikely to be many takers for him at any price.

    6. WHAT!!

      Are you serious? Where did you get that nugget from?

      Just because so many people failed to read it doesn't mean the basis for the transfer wasn't made public. I'd repeat what I said above but, really, why would I bother. The chances are you wouldn't read it anyway.

      Apart from anything else, who'd be so fantastically dumb to expect Levy to fork out a full £30 million for Sissoko without performance or utilisation clauses? Unbelievable who dumb some people can be and still manage to breathe and walk etc. Oh well - SEP.


    7. I should have included this link (One of many that would have made the situation clear) but submitted my last post before I did so. Let me rectify that now :

      Five installments of £6 million per season he stays with us.


    8. Right. In the face of interest from Everton, Mike Ashley said to Levy: 'If you don't fancy him anymore after one season, just give me 6m and I'll call it quits! You won't owe me another penny for him!"

      Grow a brain

    9. Like statistics, it's really not hard to paraphrase someone to give a wholly inaccurate understanding of what was going on.

      The interest from Everton was irrelevant in the circumstances because Sissoko had already made it clear he had no interest going there. Ashley wanted something for him before he essentially walked away for nothing. He'd only paid a couple of million for him four years previously. He wanted more, obviously, but in the situation Newcastle were in at the time that was always going to be difficult.

      Ultimately, yes, he took a punt on Sissoko performing at Spurs. It was either that or the deal falling through with Newcastle losing even the paltry amout they shelled out for him.

      In the context of the actual facts, it doesn't seem as daft as you do now. Unless you have any actual evidence to counter the published figures of course? I thought not.


  4. To be fair, Levy also went through a phase where he appointed managers then sacked them with fair regularity... I think he was also feeling his way around football and trying to figure how to get a manager/coach that would be able to take us to the next level. I think what we see now is the culmination of his journey as the chairman of THFC, and we're reaping the fruits of his foresight and planning... it may have appeared haphazard at first but many things in life aren't so straightforward or so cut and dried.

    1. ... and there we have it. The perception of someone with no axe to grind. Someone simply able to look at the whole picture and call it for what it is, rather than something that has to match their own pre-conceptions.

      Good call Mr Teo.




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