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Friday, 5 May 2017

Pochettino thinks Levy is the right man for the job

Tottenham are growing into a club where players want to stay and a club players want to join rather than leave or use as a stepping stone club Mauricio Pochettino has told a press conference.

When I look back to that Basel game, where a young side ran rings around us at White Hart Lane and we somehow escaped with a draw, I remember conveying we needed a young side that would stay together and grow together.

That vision wasn't shared by other fans who said we would never be able to keep players, we would simply develop them for other clubs. It is exactly that thinking that keeps people in the same place in their own lives so to transfer that principle to the football club you support doesn't make sense.

What we were doing wasn't working, fighting a financial game with our resources meant we would always be falling short, always picking up players who hadn't signed for a UEFA Champions League club.

That didn't offer a future, it didn't offer a sustainable future, another way had to be sought and to me there was only one way, a way we have now adopted, rather successfully to date. That has allowed us to build the infrastructure that top professionals expect. We have built the club off the field to be a top club, the next step is building the club on the field to be a top club and we are well underway with that.

Our Argentinian boss explained where we are in the grand scheme of things.

"We want to move the club to the last level. At the moment if we are capable of moving the club in the next few years to the last level you will see maybe the rumours will stop because when you compare Tottenham to - I don't know I want to be very respectful - to Manchester United or this type of club, you do not see the same sort of rumours as down here. 
"Why? I think you know and we know, it is not a moment to talk but that is the situation. The real situation is we are working so hard. I try to explain to you that there is a lot of pride because he (Daniel Levy) is the first who is creating a massive club for us and the fans because he is thinking to move - in the next few years - the club into the last level. 
"And then of course in our signings we are creating a new team that in the new stadium - and with the new facilities - Tottenham will be one of the best teams in the world."

You would expect a manager to big up a chairman, but he is telling those short-sighted fans who winge about him all the time that Daniel Levy is light years ahead when it comes to building a major business. The knowledgeable fans who support Daniel Levy can see how the club has slowly been built, not gambled with in the hope of success, a tactic many fans have shouted for but one that could ruin the club for 20 years or more.

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