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Friday, 19 May 2017

More from Italy on Pochettino



Pochettino slammed the door shut on speculation linking him to the  Argentina national role, the PSG job, Inter Milan speculation and Barcelona talk.

"There are no clauses in my contract, I will stay at Tottenham next year. There are many rumors but I am committed to the club and there is no reason they can go on. I'll be here for the next pre-season. "

Nothing every Spurs fan didn't already know. Yes, Inter would like him, who wouldn't, but they can't compete on wages and what is the pull of going to Inter? Pochettino already has a project that is underway at Tottenham. Few managers get the chance to build a club and even fewer to build it to the position daniel levy wants Tottenham built to, real Madrid and Barcelona level, the elite level. It would be incomprehensible to jump ship and start again.

Speaking live on Sky Sport 24 Massimiliano Nebuloni spoke about the latest rumours and mentioned Pochettino as being the style of manager Inter needed but that Tottenham were a rich club and had qualified for the UEFA Champions League. Basically, he was telling viewers it was impossible to sign him or Conte.

"Pochettino has a profile like that, but the discussion has become more complicated since there is no more than €5 million. There is no Tottenham release clause, is a rich club, is in a league like the Premier and will make the Champions League. The options sees Spalletti rising, unless Inter decides to break the bank for Conte."


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