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Monday, 29 May 2017

Man U, Chelsea, Dortmund and Wolfsburg lose out to Spurs



Turkish radio show Radyospor are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur have beaten Manchester United and reached an agreement with Basaksehir to sign 19-year-old (20 in July) Cengiz Ünder for £7.83 million (€9m - AUS$13.51m - US$10.05m).

Ünder was born in Sındırgı (formerly Koruköy) which is a town and district of Balıkesir Province in the Marmara region of Turkey with a population is 12,673.

The left-sided midfielder is a full Turkish international, he has 2 caps and has scored 1 goal. He is under contract until 2021 and is left-footed. he scored 7 goals and had 5 assists in 31 Super Lig games (9 goals and 7 assists in all competitions).

Manchester United have been tracking him all season and Eastern European region chief scout Krsto Kilibarda went to Basaksehir’s game against Genclerbirligi recently.
Bundesliga side Wolfsburg also sent a scout to the Turkish Cup semi-final clash between Basaksehir and Fenerbahce to keep tabs on Under. Borussia Dortmund and Chelsea have been watching him too.

Ünder has been nicknamed the 'Turkish Dybala' so I hope he is that good!


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  1. Was wondering when you would pick up on this one Clive...
    Hopefully both Under & Sessegnon will be confirmed in the coming days.

    1. House flood delayed matters slightly! Poured through the roof the other night

    2. :-( That doesn't sound good. I hope it all gets resolved satisfactorily very soon.

  2. lol. tottenham fans believe that man utd were beaten by spurs in the transfer market. Ok. Enjoy your trophyless runner-up season which will be the best selling dvd of all time.

    1. Unknown - sums up Pogba's season. How much was he? How much was Dele?

    2. What you have to understand Unk is that MANU have chosen to follow the money route so you have no idea who will be in your squad next season nor for that matter how they will perform.
      I suspect that your squad will undergo change in a similar manner to which we were subjected to for many seasons.
      Welcome to ‘bummer boulevard’.

    3. uknown I assume you wished to remain unknown due to your embarassment for the united premier league campaign. If you did go to watch, which I very much doubt, then I'm sure you enjoyed paying to watch that bus parked every week ! Enjoy. I know who I would rather watch week in and week out. Still Im sure if you spen another 1/2 billion you may end up with a side that may get closer to top 4.

    4. Man U is built on debt, the same as Chelsea who owe over a billion to Abramovich


    6. We can probably all agree Sir Alex is your bets ever manager. At the same relative stage in his Man U career that Poch is now there were banners in the crowd saying :
      "Three years of excuses and it's still crap ... ta-ra Fergie."

      When did you get your first piece of silverware after that?

      I'm more than happy to support Pochettino and Spurs at this time. Silverware or not. I'm hopeful for the coming seasons, in spite of a move away from home for a season. The football is exciting to watch. We can all feel proud of our club.

      I doubt I could feel so sanguine as a Man U supporter. Good luck with that.


  3. Great news if this comes to fruition. He still easily pushed off the ball but that is to be expected at 19 years. Very skillful from the video highlights of him. Could be another exciting player maybe in the same mould as Erikson?

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