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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Llorente totally unsuited to Spurs


Fernando Llorente could be a good backup striker for Tottenham's Harry Kane HITC tell us, what a load of bullshit.

Most of his goals come from his head, I say most it's 50% of his 12 Premier League goals and we predominantly play the ball on the floor negating his main strength, it is just as daft as trying to buy Christian Benteke, another player who simply doesn't suit the way we play.

How many times do you see Harry Kane fire in a goal from outside the area? In the league he has hit 3 this season, Llorente has hit none, in fact he has only has 1 shot from outside the area all season, thta is a major part of our game!. 

His pass completion stats are in the 60's, he has no assists so if he doesn't score, and he has actually only scored in 8 games of the 32 he has played

Llorente has played 2,237 minutes, a goal every 186.41 minutes, a hand in a goal every 186.41 minutes. Vincent Janssen has scored a goal every 219 minutes, has room for improvement and has had a hand in a goal every 131 minutes.

Swansea play with wingers to cross to him, we don't, we play with inverted wingers and play ball to feet. To suggest Llorente would be 'ideal' for Spurs is completely absurd.

We play a high-intensity pressing game where our players have to be super fit, it is a young man's game, Llorente is a 32-year-old (33 next February) for goodness sake, he doesn't have many miles left on the clock. can you see him playing a pressing game because I can't, yet apparently he is 'ideal' for us. 

He most definitely is not.

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