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Monday, 1 May 2017

Kyle Walker and player tweets


There was no tweet from Kyle Walker after the North London Derby, there normally is after a game. He was left out of the semi-final and was left out for Kieran Trippier yesterday. Should we read anything into that? Hw walked quietly off the pitch at Crystal Palace I believe too.

When a player doesn't want to be at the club forcing them to stay can damage an environment. Mauricio Pochrttino said in a recent press conference they will do what is best for Tottenham Hotspur football club in the summer. Perhaps he has Kyle Walker in mind. The Independent report that he has had a row and fallen out with the boss and if true, there is only one thing that will happen from there.

He played against Crystal Palace but wasn't at his best and it appeared he wasn't sufficiently concentrated on the game, too much going on off it perhaps. The 26-year-old (27 in May) only signed a contract in September which runs until 2021 so if the club decide to sell he will command a top fee and we will no doubt sell him abroad.

Kyle Walker has made seven defensive errors since the beginning of last season; more than any other Tottenham player in that time.

Ben Davies - Last NLD at the Lane - the fans kept us going today!
Victor Wanyama - Great Team performance and a big thank you to the fans for the brilliant support
Harry Kane - Love a north London derby! Great to win the last derby at the Lane and score the last goal. Atmosphere was immense!
Spurs Official - The perfect derby day send-off for our historic home...
Michel Vorm - Well played boys. Great derby win. Atmosphere was incredible at WHL. Good to be back in the squad again
Jan Vertonghen - Great feeling to win the NLD Proud to have made 200 appearances for
Jermain Jenas - mate, you were sensational today! COYS!!!
Eric Dier - Last NLD at The Lane and it was a good one
Dele - Atmosphere was amazing, thank you to all the fans.. north London is ours!!
Toby Alderweireld - What an atmosphere today in the last NLD at the Lane. Fans were brilliant! Big win

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  1. I'd be very sad to see Kyle Walker go. He's the best English RB by a country mile. That's no disrespect to Kieran as he's probably #2, but Kyle is still a lot better.


  2. love kyle please sort it out and stay a lilywhite. good times are comeing

  3. He still has made the most defensive errors in the team...that says it all!

  4. He still has made the most defensive errors in the team...that says it all!

    1. Claire, with the greatest respect, stats only ever show part of the story.

      Please see the two comments below which I believe paint a far fuller picture. His attacking attributes make seven defensive errors over two seasons a very small part of the overall story.


  5. 7 since the beginning of last season? I think that's a testament to the job Poch has done with the team and frankly, Walker's progress as a player - this is a player that had a mistake in him EVERY game previously, so 7 in 92 games (assuming they mean 2 seasons) being our highest is an astonishing stat!

  6. Walker was definitely not on his game against Palace. Very poor, and very un-Walker like, in all aspects of his play. It's great to see Trippier (like Ben Davies) really showing international class, and we are so lucky to have four high end full backs. But let's not forget how much Poch and his coaching team have improved all of the squad! Walker has to understand what he is part of ..something fantastic, and getting even better ..a great club with a damn good team on the verge of greatness. If he is pushed by an improving Trippier, he (Walker) should see it as a challenge to be met head on! If Walker responds positively, he can improve even further. Why should he want to jump ship for the sake of a little more money? He will never be in a better place than he is now. Spurs are going to be inundated with games next season, and we are going to need all four full backs (or even wingbacks) to cope fully. It's the same with ALL our core players, and things will be even better with a rapidly improving Winks and injury free Lamela coming back next season. Tottenham has helped to make you a great player, Kyle. Don't blow it now by setting your sights on rich clubs who take success for granted and will treat you as just one more cosseted player. Don't turn your back on fabulous times ahead (times that YOU have helped to create, and a club that has helped to create YOU ...and who sees you as an integral and vital part of everything good that is happening).

  7. When I met the team they were all great lads except Walker who was a moody prick. I think Trippier is more effective anyway so what's the problem of we can get £40m+.

  8. I haven't met the team as you have, but in direct answer to your question I certainly don't believe KT is as effective as KW. He has a brilliant delivery when attacking but not the pace and trickery to get into those positions as often. Nor can he be relied upon to get back and challenge as quickly as KW. I agree they're both excellent RBs.

    The main problem is twofold :
    We actually need two quality RBs. It's a very intensive position and we cannot perform at ECL level without both.
    Quality players leaving the side at this stage would send a very damning message to the rest of the team. Not necessarily catastrophic, but mentally very stressful. It would lead to others questioning the viability of the team going forwards.

    So, yes KT is definitely a quality player. I don't argue with that. BUT, losing KW would be very damaging in my opinion.


  9. I don't want to see Kyle leave but if he's decided his future lies elsewhere then good luck to him. We'll get a ridiculous fee for him, take that money and go buy Sidibe from Monaco. While we're there, throw M'Bappe on the plane to London

  10. If these reports are true then it appears he's not prepared to fight for his role. That speaks to character. Cash him out.



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