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Friday, 19 May 2017

Interest in Sissoko isn't daft


Spanish weekly sports magazine Don Balon are reporting that Barcelona are taking an interest in Tottenham Hotspur flop Moussa Sissoko.

They also suggest that Real Madrid and AC Milan are interested, while we know PSG and Marseille have been linked with a move for him also.

He hasn't been a success at Tottenham but that doesn't mean he is a bad player. He has shown for France that he can play at the top level. As ever motivation matters and he has no motivation at Tottenham, knowing he is leaving in the summer.

While some may ridicule interest from the world's top clubs I can see that he could be a bench warmer and do a job for them. It does appear to lack the technical ability you would have thought he would nee,d in Spain particularly.

Sissoko started for Spurs last night and despite an excellent display from the other ten, match commentator for Sky Sports Martin Tyler pointed out that he didn't really contribute and that he looked to be totally lacking in confidence.

A new club and new surrounding might give him the motivation he seems to be lacking.

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  1. Remember this was a player who we were heavily connected with when he was at Toulouse. Last night I felt our players were reluctant to use him during our transition phase.
    Can't see him being with us next season.

  2. Flop! I really hate it when people describe players like that particularly since they usually work for the daily star or the sun ore even worse write some trashy blog and are therefore by definition unmitigated flops themselves!! Perhaps that is why they are so quick to call others, who are far more successful than they are, that!

    1. That might be an interesting point of view if you actually expressed one.

      I find I can be comfortable with a word when used honestly to make a valid point. You seem uncomfortable with the word itself.

      Personally I regard Sissoko as a flop, or a failure if you prefer. He was brought in with an idea of what he could contribute to the club. He was given plenty of opportunities, yet failed to impress on numerous occasions.

      Unlike players like Janssen and Soldado, he never even really showed any interest in showing he cares enough to make the effort.

      Call him what you like, but I find the word 'flop' particulary apposite in this situation. I'll be very happy to see the back of him. I never said that for either Soldado or Janssen. Miles apart.


  3. Interesting view, other more informed commentators rated him 8/10

  4. Leicester was probably his best game for THFC and while he was initially looking very low in confidence he warmed as the game progressed and contributed to the score line. If you disagree just watch the highlights.

  5. I agree with the previous comment. Much better performance from him than usual but certainly no better than a 6/10. I can't imagine anyone but an idiot rating him at 8/10. Even in that game.

    He was actually involved in some positive moves, unlike his usual performance of simply giving the ball away or just slowing down a quick break. Everyone around him is more involved, and more reliable when involved. He still mucked up a few moves on Thursday - just fewer than usual. If I were feeling generous I may even stretch to a 7/10.

    Even if that were his usual level of performance though, I can't see how he could be considered an addition to the squad.

    Getting him may be considered as a worthwhile risk but it's certainly failed as far as on the pitch performance goes. Hopefully we'll still make a financial profit from him.




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