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Friday, 19 May 2017

Inter sporting director on Poch, Conte, building a club and the press

Inter Milan sporting director Piero Ausilio has been speaking to the Italian media about the press and their need to come up with news stories each day and how Inter have shot themselves in the foot this season.

His comments could apply to any club in any league and I think some fans lose sight of this side of football desiring instant success and transfer news every day. You'll get the jist of what he is saying, new coaches want new players, unfamiliarity affects results.

Just as we have stories right before vital games, the false Alderweireld asking to leave before the FA Cup semi-final for instance, so the same thing happens in every other country, Conte to Inter stories were right before they were playing Juventus.

"We started with the enthusiasm of the new property, there was a coach who started the preparation and then to one week from 'beginning of the season, for many reasons, you decide to send him away and he left him. And so we went on a coach who did not know Italian football.  
"But in that case also the unimaginative could understand that it is not a start to the season because we started badly, lagging behind the others. you have to start from scratch with the preparation, with the knowledge of the players and you have to also take the concept of team, because those who came before preferred a different form or trust of some players instead of others.  
"In football it's like in companies, if not good programs, you can run into a bad season. Inter this year has programmed bad, we changed four coaches, will reach seventh or eighth. Yet Inter rose is a rose of good players. Who today says that the rose is poor, first he said that Inter was the true rival of Juventus. He said Massimiliano Allegri, but Maurizio Sarri and Luciano Spalletti . But if not programmed in a certain way, then everything becomes relative."

"We have to be stronger in communication. When we had to face Juventus in Turin, there was a newspaper which opened with Antonio Conte to Inter. We lost the game and throughout the week there was talk of the coach that would come in place of Stefano Pioli .  
"It is in those moments that you have to give the coach support. Today football is above all communication, needless to stand here and tell us about it. Then there are TV broadcasting for 24 hours and must necessarily every day to say something, and three newspapers that every day should talk about football: apart from Spain, nobody has them. And talking about football means talking about the market. So every day must come up with something on the players or coaches on."

he then went on to speak about finding a new manager and his words were that they had to find a manager and get the club in a position that Chelsea and Spurs are, not that he wanted to sign those coaches. he fully understands they are not available.

"You have to deal with contractual and market situations. We are thinking of coaches with those characteristics, but then you go to see and all the tops are at Chelsea, Tottenham, Atletico Madrid, Juve, etc. We must also compare herself to this kind of situations. "

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