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Saturday, 20 May 2017

HELP a Spurs fan, do you know this man suspected of burglery, car theft and vandailism

Breaking and entry, burglary, ransacks a house, who is he football fans?

IMPORTANT: If you share one post in your life on social media, make it this one.

As Spurs fans, indeed as football fans, we should all be helping one another out when something like this happens, it is what a community is for, it should pull together to overcome adversity.

Sam posted this on May 18 but the crime took place on May 17th Brighton Road, Purley, Croydon between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.

Her message speaks for itself.

If you live there or know someone who does please pass on this picture and let's see if we can identify the culprit and help the Police make an arrest.

The football community is large and the circle of friends large. Why not take a shot on your mobile and ask your friends if they know him, then ask them to ask their friends. You could easily do this by text messaging.

There is far too much evil in our world and good should triumph over evil, so which side are you on. Help the good get a good result so the evil can pay the price.


  May 18
Nasty evil scumbags broke into my sons house, ransacked the place, nicked the car please retweet, someone knows them 😡😡😡Croydon today

Share it, like it, put it on Twitter, Facebook just spread the word.

The link to Sam's twitter account - SAM

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