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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Has Ryan Sessegnon agreed to sign for Spurs?



I have brought you tweets from this young woman before, as she works in journalism and has contacts with agents who feed her information. She is usually on the ball when it comes to signings and I hope she is once again and she believes Fulham left-back Ryan Sessegnon has agreed to sign for Tottenham Hotspur and not Liverpool or any of the other clubs clamouring after him.

Fulham left back sessengon has signed to

The 17-year-old (18 in May) can't fail to be impressed with what Mauricio Pochettino has done with young England talent, 11 of the last 19 England international squad debutants have been coached by Pochettino, with the national call-up for Kieran Trippier this week.

Fulham wants £15-£20 million (€17.18/22.91m - AUS$25.79/34.39m - US$19.21/25.62m) it seems with clubs, including Liverpool and ourselves looking to pay £12 million (€13.71m - AUS$20.63m - US$15.37m) for him.

Having bid for him as a 16-year-old, we are now attempting to agree a fee for him as a 17-year-old after a very encouraging season.

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  1. I know the boy and his family he's not going anywhere this year. Stop with the silly hopeful stories. Story creation that's all, no facts

    1. So, how would describe the first paragraph then Lee?

      I appreciate there are many rumours flying around and many of those are made up for a story, but we already have that this is garnered from a tweet from a usually reliable source.

      No-one here wants to peddle idle gossip. It's fruitless unless you're in the game of charging for content. Clearly this is not one of those though.

      It's certainly not something anyone can guarantee at this stage, but that's a million miles from 'He's not going anywhere this year'. You'll need more than simply claiming to be known by him to be taken seriously as ITK.

      Most of us have been round the block. We know that not every rumour, even those where parties have all claimed to have reached agreement, turns out to run to fruition. Personally though, I'd be happy to see him come to Spurs in the near future. He's certainly caught the attention already even in his very tender years. Good luck to the boy.


  2. That doesn't mean to say he hasn't signed for Spurs. He wouldn't get in the Spurs team right now so most likely would sign and then stay put for at least a year

  3. Most likely a deal similar to Dele. He signs with Spurs and is loaned back for a year. That would probably be ideal for both parties as Rose and Davies have his spot on lock right now anyway.

  4. If he has we'd better get it over the line before we lose him too. Spurs get your finger out.

    1. Not sure we should be too precipitate. The Transfer Window isn't open yet so we may face financial penalties.




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