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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Griezmann 9/10 to join Spurs


After 26-year-old (27 next March) French international Antoine Grizemann answered questions about his future and said his chances of going to Manchester United were no more than 6/10, then said his chances of staying at Atletico Madrid were 7/10 (clearly not the best at maths), Valencia-based Yahoo Sports reporter Andrew Gaffney jested about the brilliance of Harry Kane.

In the next clip Griezmann was asked about Spurs and said: "If it was up to me, 9/10, but I can't compete with Harry Kane. Sorry."

It goes without saying that if Ajax win the UEFA Europa League he will not be joining Manchester United and Atletico Madrid wouldn't do everything they could to hang on to him anyway. Just because a player might, only might like a move, it doesn't mean he automatically get one. However in this case, as in most Spanish contracts, there is the matter of a release clause, set very high of course, £86.48 million (€100m - AUS$149.92m - US$112.23m).

There is also the small matter of the Atletico Madrid transfer ban, which they are expecting to be lifted, but if it wasn't then it is unlikely that he would leave and drop them in it.

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  1. United don't need to win the cup to sign anyone... that myth has been debunked severally

    1. That's simply a misreading of the facts. Players will go to a club if they believe ECL is in their future. It may be a bit of a gamble but when many of the big clubs are misfiring where do they put their money?

      Some still believe in Man U & Chelsea. Chelsea have proven them right and Man u proven them wrong.

      Do they continue to gamble on Man U making it regularly? They certainly have massive means to draw on. Will that be enough? Year on year that seems less certain. With that the draw decreases.

      Spurs are in the reverse position. Do you put your money on Spurs when they've only recently started to perform at such a level? Year on year that's seeming a safer bet.

      Like Harry Kane's one-season wonder, Spurs are improving every single year since the start of the Pochettino era. The bank hasn't been broken to do this. In spite of extraordinary expenses related to the building and equipping of a great new stadium in the capital city we're still surging forward each season.

      Players' careers only last a certain period and we're soon coming to the stage where intelligent players prepared to work hard for success will see Spurs as the place to try to get into.

      Man U won't be able to continue to compete at that level and will need to make some changes if they're to stay ahead of the chasing pack. I can see them overtaken by Everton in the coming years if they continue to rely on money and their historical reputation alone.


  2. I think the key is champions league qualification, not winning a pointless cup. Also, year by year united are looking like a less and less attractive proposition. They're just drilling home the refreshing "money don't buy you glory" story.

  3. Don't know why I clicked on this. I knew it was bollocks but I still clicked. Must stop wasting my time. Some amusement value I suppose

  4. Whether it’s Griezmann, Isco or somebody of that ilk, it’s not out of the question that DL will dig deep into his pockets. For the moment, though, it’s a bridge too far. There’s simply too much change happening to us off the field that prevents DL from taking any sort of on-field financial gamble at this point.
    Besides, we have young players coming through from the academy which is still in it’s infancy. So, what is the point in blocking off their path to Poch with over-priced, over- rated players?
    Doesn’t that negate the rationale for an academy in the first place?
    Russian owned clubs will continue to see football as a cheap way to launder their ill-gotten gains.
    Middle Eastern owned clubs simply don’t know what to spend their oil revenues on next.
    MANU has that enormous commercial revenue to tap, that is, as long as their current owners ‘retail property empire doesn’t collapse, if it hasn’t already.
    No, we’re doing more than ok and IMHO all we need is an experienced centre back which will give Poch the option of playing Eric further forward, and, we still have CC-V & KW-P for cover.


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