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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Boeteng interest


Bayern Munich centre-back Jerome Boateng has just asked the Bayern board for a meeting, in order to clarify his position at the club.

The 28-year-old (29 in September) German international centre-back is being monitored by Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal report Italian news outlet TMW.

In another report the same outlet suggest Roma are watching his situation and that if he left he would cost around £28.75 million (€33.5m - AUS$49.95m - US$37.09m). I don't see him wanting to play second fiddle to Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghem just yet, especially as Real Madrid are reported to be interested.

With Arsenal looking at UEFA Europa League football next season he clearly isn't going to be interested in going there.

Under contract until 2021 the right-footed defender has only played 818 minutes of Bundesliga football under Carlo Ancelotti this season, as well as 510 across 6 UEFA Champions League games.

He has had injuries that have kept him out, a torn muscle in August, a muscle problem in November, a shoulder injury in December, January and February and an abductor problem in April.

Not a story to get excited about I don't think.



  1. Now this makes more sense, at least to me, going forward. Such an addition would allow us to play three at the back should Poch choose to do so without using Dier who can then move back into the holding MF slot so that we have plenty of alternatives there.
    I still don't understand this fascination with bringing in another striker when we only play with one up front.
    It's not as though we've been starved for goals this season is it?

  2. Sunday.
    If any one player deserved a goal on Sunday it was Victor, and what a cracker it was, a bullet header into the far corner.
    Did the occasion get away from Sonny? I think it did. It’s a team game and that requires the right balance between a disciplined performance and the occasional bit of magic.
    What did I take from the game?
    Well there was a player who reputedly earns in the region of £300k a week wandering about on Sunday. Everybody knows, Maureen, that meat pies can’t jump!
    p.s. I still don’t like 4-2-3-1. It’s too defensive in nature and relies heavily on the the fullbacks to provide width in transition and, the centre backs to cover the gaps, when they appear, which they did. Fortunately Martial managed to take advantage only once.
    p.s. We have a score to settle on Thursday night guys so no let-up please…

  3. I can't see us investing in an injury-prone 29 yo simply to be an understudy. Considering the price under discussion is similar to what we paid for Lamela, I just can't see it myself.

    1. Hiya Adrian,
      Yep, he’s suffered from injuries as of late but then Bayern, as a club, have a poor injury record.
      I just see more value in adding an experienced player to our back line then all this fuss about another striker…a right wing ok but a number 9…nah.
      p.s. he’s 28.

    2. Hi Hibberni.
      Yes. He's currently 28. However, before we get to use him seriously he'll be 29. I felt it would make more sense to consider how old he'll be when we start getting him playing. I believe it would be a mistake to overlook that.

      Nevertheless, I'm happy to be called on it.




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