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Monday, 22 May 2017

Ben Davies - unsung hero

Ben Davies has had an extended run in the side in the absence of Danny Rose


I'm guessing someone gave him these figures. Good to see unsung hero Ben Davies get on the scoresheet and Toby Alderweireld, he should score more often from corners.

33 different players scored today. The most on a single day in a 38 game Premier League season.

Ben Davies though, has had to play every game since Danny Rose was injured at the end of January against Sunderland. It's a deserved reward scoring in the last game,t he24-year-old (25 next April) has had a consistent season overall. he featured in 23 Premier League games and 34 overall, a total game time of 2,683 minutes.

We usually alternate full-backs, we have been doing so for two seasons and yet we have to listen to reports of a fallout between Kyle Walker and Mauricio Pochettino because he isn't playing every game.

The latest stories are that is someone stumps up £35 million+ () we will let him leave, even if it is to Chelsea or Manchester City. The rest won't be allowed to leave, indeed there is no suggestion any of them want to.

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  1. Ben Davies is a true warrior

  2. I'm afraid that for some players playing in a fantastic exiting team is still not enough they want more and more money, surely they cannot spend over £100000 a week so why do they want so much more is really beyond me.
    Yes I know their playing career is short but do you want to be remembered for playing in a fantastic team that everybody admires for their football or do you want to sit on a bench and earn mega bucks?I really think it is all Agent fuelled as they make even more money from the players. It's such a shame
    I love watching exciting attacking football and Spurs seem to have found the formula, but if a players head is turned due to money then let them go.
    I wonder how many of them will be really successful if they leave for other so called bigger clubs, although bigger just means paying more money.

  3. Whatever it is, we're talking about mega bucks here... it isn't like anyone in our team is being paid peanuts... so I thought once you reached certain earning power then the glory matters more... but then again if a much bigger club like Barcelona or Madrid come calling then you certainly have a better chance at silverware than in the ultra competitive Premier League. But of course one could look at the quality of the league and say, no contest... winning the La Liga or Bundesliga isn't all that difficult when you can simply walk over teams who simply don't have your resources... same goes for the Serie A... so maybe the quality of your silverware should matter too...



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