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Friday, 26 May 2017

An insight into Pochettino's training methods


An article I recommend you read (link at bottom of post) as a Spurs fan. It is from the website of Sky Sports Spanish expert Guillem Balague and gives an insight into Mauricio Pochettino training behind the scenes. It gives us a vision we don't normally see.

There is a piece about training the press we use as a complete unit, but also a coach saying his eyes had been opened up to a new style of coaching. There are different standards of coaches as there are different standards of player. Many a time I have written that you do not just keep hold of a coach if he can't provide what you seek and that is an ability to improve each player.

Too many coaches today are simply people who can put a side together, buying who they need and instructing them how to play a system. That is great until players leave, then you are fire fighting to get the right player to replace them. There are too many things that can go wrong.

You have to develop a youth system that produces players if you don't have the money to compete and you should be looking for a coach who actually improves players. many a time you see a player as a standout in a system, but move them elsewhere out of that system and they flounder.

An intelligent footballer can adapt. They are the footballers you want. A coach who can open their eyes to the level of improvement they can make rises above the rest. Who else told Danny Rose they could make them an England full-back? Nobody, Kieran Trippier has now been called into the England squad and he talks about how much Pochettino has improved his game, yet the press were trying to link him with a move away because they thought he wasn't playing enough.

It is an example of why Pochettino feels youngsters will best learn under him rather than sending them out on loan, where they may pick up, he says, bad habits.

He's Magic You Know...Mauricio Pochettino

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