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Friday, 19 May 2017

After a double hip op, which Lamela will return?

The neverending saga of Erik Lamela

INJURY UPDATE: has undergone a planned procedure to his right hip.

When exactly was this planned as he has been injured since October, an injury that was minor and only supposed to be a few weeks, an injury that we felt didn't need surgery, yet now he is having surgery, it is suddenly planned.

Wha ist the truth?

We have been fed mental issues, his dog dying, trips to Rome, trips to Argentina and all sorts. If he has a hip injury then flying isn't going to help it, especially flights to Argentina and back, where I believe he has been at least twice.

The fans have been kept in the dark as to the true nature of him being missing from the team, which certainly isn't good public relations.

The reports from the official Spurs Twitter account say he has had an operation on his left hip and a planned operation on his right hip. Either something has been wrong for a while or he has been favouring one side over the other and caused an injury to the opposite side, much like a player favour one leg after an injury.

We are told it doesn't hinder his recovery time, which as it has been 7 months and the club have had no idea when he would be back, doesn't really tell us anything, he'll be back next season, yes, when, August, Christmas, new year, all are next season.

We certainly haven't had our money's worth from him but with further injuries, it would once again prove very difficult to sell him for anything other than a small fee, which suggests we'll have to hang on to him and hope it doesn't take yet another season before he produces some form.

Returning from a long lay off it often takes a player time to adjust to match football again, how long that period will be with Lamela is anyone's guess, as it is determined by his mental state and desire to perform.

If he has a burning desire, it will take less time than if it's just something he'd like to do. Much will depend upon the relationship between him and the club after they have been in disagreement over treatment.

That isn't information we know about.


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  1. Please, it is quite apparent that requiring TWO hip operations means that we are dealing with either two similar injuries or two congenital problems. IMO the causal nature of the primary problem was not understood/realized until surgery and that they decided to correct the other side before it too gave problems now that they know. I wont go into the nature of the possible problems but there are quite a few and if you wish to know buy an orthopaedics textbook.

  2. Which more or less amounts to the comment I posted and you deleted.



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