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Monday, 1 May 2017

A season to familiarise ourselves with our second home

Our time at the old stadium is nearly over before our familiarisation jaunt to Wembley to prepare us for our future regular visits, it will, after all, be our second home once we have moved into the new stadium!

Wise move having a season to get used to the place. Did I mention positivity breeds success. 😁😁

Only 1 game to go 😢

One game to go against Manchester United, one game from an unbeaten final season at the old lady. Yes it will be sad to see her go, but we are building something impressive in it's place and let's be honest, it is the crowd singing inside which makes the atmosphere.

Today everyone wants quality, they want everything at their fingertips and they want social media. Social media controls everything now, people use it to search for confirmation that others feel the product they are looking at is right for them. They use it for validation of their own views.

I wrote a couple of years ago that we had to embrace social media in a big way and that we ought to embrace Tottenham related website to help the club reach grow. A stadium that embraces that is a step in the right direction as is our better use of social media, but there is still plenty more opportunity the club are missing. As ever, room for improvement

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