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Saturday, 27 May 2017

A revealing interview with Rose

Rose is happy under Pochettino, he wasn't under Redknapp

Danny Rose spoke recently to Spurs TV and told them that he wants to remain at Tottenham until the end of his current contract, at least. He and Pochettino are very close and the players mock that he is his son, their relationship is that strong

Regular readers will recall amid all the transfer speculation of Hugo Lloris going to Manchester United I was writing he was 99% certain to stay at Tottenham. That was because he too had a special relationship with Pochettino. He isn't as close as Rose but his philosophy on the game is the same as Pochettino's.

When you have situations like that, you have players with the right mentality, settled and able to keep improving, able to consistently give their best. A soon as that focus goes, as it has with Kyle Walker, then the performance goes. You'll notice in the last few games that the old Walker has returned, the one with regular mistakes attached.

Rose has been transformed under Pochettino from a player who made mistakes, who dived into challenges, got plenty of yellow and his share of red cards and who was ridiculed by supporters each week. he spoke recently to BBC Radio 5 live.

"There is only so much the club can do. A lot of it has got to be down to the individual. 
"Someone like Harry Kane, I can tell you that his mindset will be 'I'm staying at Tottenham, I'm going to break every single record, I'm going to captain this club into the new stadium' so when you've got a player like him with that mindset I don't think Tottenham have to worry. 
"But it depends where the individual is in the stage of his career. He might feel he has done enough at Tottenham and might fancy a change or might feel Tottenham is the nearly club that nearly wins the league and might choose to move on. 
"I wish (Pochettino) was my manager from when I was 18. Working under Harry was difficult and I sort of gave up thinking I could play for Tottenham week-in, week-out. 
"The kids don't realise how lucky they are to have a manager like the one we've got now."

That last part again shows the importance of a players mentality, how could he learn and perform if he isn't happy. Success is created in a happy environment, where players want to come to work every day and give their best.

How many of you have been to work in a job, an environment you don't like? It might be the boss, your co-workers, boredom, anything, but you don't give your best do you, you do the minimum in fact. That is not a recipe for success. When you are in a job you like you are happier and enjoy life more, you make a better job of what you do, you do it with more enthusiasm.

When you are in that environment you don't want to leave it, it becomes harder to move company, it is the same with football.

His comments do show that Tottenham do need to win a trophy to keep the momentum going so we need Chelsea to win the FA Cip and we then ned to win the Community Shield and experience feeling lick victors, trophy winners. That would give our new campaign an added boost, the players would go into the new season with a new determination to have that feeling again.

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