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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A fitting send off for the old stadium, no Sol Campbell!



Quite rightly former centre-back Sol Campbell has not been invited by the club to the White Hart Lane farewell.

It would not be fitting for someone who stitched the club up to be invited to the final game at the old stadium, which will be against Manchester United on 14th may at 4:30 pm. It wasn't just that he left for Arsenal, it was the way he left that we Spurs fans of that era can't accept.

Campbell predicted Arsenal would beat Spurs at the weekend, rather shows how out of touch he is, Spurs have clearly been the better side for two seasons now.

Ex-Spurs manager George Graham has been invited and he is heavily associated with Arsenal so the snub can clearly be seen to be against Campbell and not Arsenal, if anyone was in any doubt. Graham won the League Cup with us in 1998-99 when we beat Leicester City 1-0.

Spanish boss Juande Ramos, who won the League Cup as our manager in 2007-08 when we beat Chelsea 2-1 after extra-time, has also been invited.

Harry Redknapp, Glenn Hoddle, Terry Venables, David Pleat, Paul Gascoigne and Gareth Bale are all expected to attend.

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1 comment:

  1. Just as it should be. I know of so many ex-Spurs players and other staff from the club that still have a strong attachment to the side even after plying their trade elsewhere. Mostly they speak well of the club and hold it in high regard. It's not an ordinary club. It likes to do things differently, as evidenced by the current approach to build towards a successful future in spite of not being able to compete financially with many others.

    A name that springs to mind immediately is Raphael van der Vaart. There are many others, but Sol Campbell was made of different stuff entirely. He took what he could then stiffed us. Who could ever trust a guy like that? Who'd want to?




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