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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

A couple more tweets

Me doing maths is always a recipe for disaster, but I'm trying...

Start with an easier example. Tottenham Hotspur are 17 (Seventeen) points ahead of Arsenal,who only have 5 games left. What does that mean?

Sounds like an excellent question for the next round of exam papers. Link maths to football or other sports are I'm sure more will be able to grasp it. Start throwing in percentages and they be well away. I wonder if they are teaching it in the technical college we have built.

How many Premier League North London Derbies has Harry Kane scored in, he has played 5. Answer all of them, he has six goals. That is obviously a common sense question, of course he has scored in them all. A simple question but one that makes you doubt yourself, a mentality test, a test of confidence. ūüėä

Replying to 
Mauricio: "It was a fantastic performance. We completely deserved the victory. The mentality was good. We always had control. We dominated."

Now that is an honest and accurate assessment, unlike the one Arsene Wenger gave where he said the game was even until the first goal. Had he meant just the scoreline he would have been right but he didn't. Delusion, Spurs had 11 accurate shots on goal, Arsenal had 4. We should have been two up and half-time and had a second penalty for a blatant handball that the lineman should have been in a position to see, but he bottled the decision.

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  1. The birth of st stuttering gun's day... Thank you Arsenal really enjoying it haha



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