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Friday, 19 May 2017

26 in 29 games,Kane makes Lukaku and Sanchez look mediocre

Despite injuries Harry Kane is now once again leading the race for the Premier League Golden Boot Award.

osvaldo ardilesVerified account @osvaldooardiles 1 hour ago
... Seeing the very biased SKY commentary: "Kane frustration" !!!??? Are they real? Are We watching a different game? COYS

Four goals and a two goal lead in the Golden Boot race with one game to go after missing 8 Premier League games this season with two different Malleolar injuries.

Daniel Wynne @danielwynnethfc 54 minutes ago
Harry Kane has scored an incredible 51 goals in his last 58 Premier League games. Nothing else needs to be added to that. What a night.

Kane missed games against:

  • Middlesbrough away (24 September - 2-1 win)
  • Manchester City at home (2 October - 2-0 win)
  • WBA away (15 October - 1-1 draw)
  • Bournemouth away (22 October - 0-0 draw)
  • Leicester City at home (29 October - 1-1 draw)
  • Southampton at home (19 March - 2-1 win)
  • Burnley away (1 April - 2-0 win)
  • Swansea City away (5 April - 3-1 win)

Our Harry has an astonishing 26 goals in 29 games and during his absence Spurs recorded 5 wins, 3 draws and 0 losses, scoring 13 goals and conceding 5.

In contrast, Romelu Lukaku has missed only one game, the first of the season, a home game for Everton against us on 13 August at Goodison Park. Lukaku has scored 24 goals in 36 games.

Alexis Sanchez hasn't missed a single Premier League game for Arsenal, he has scored 23 goals in 37 games, a full 8 games more than Kane.

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  1. kane is sensational, but please remember alexis is not even playing as a striker!

    1. He has played as a striker most of the season, Giroud has been on the bench and Welbeck injured. sanchez has been playing as your centre-forward, it's coming to something when a Spurs fan has to educate an Arsenal about his own side! 17 of his goals have been scored when he has been playing CF in 24 games.

  2. You are suggesting Alexis is mediocre? You are a bit of an idiot really...

    1. That isn't what I have said at all, but if you grasp is that limited, well....

  3. Would love to see the assist column...

  4. Alexis isn't a striker!!! Let that sink in.

    1. You seem to have the impression that shouting it louder with more exclamation marks will eventually convince real people who aren't thick. That's the trouble with non-thick people though - they think, consider etc.

      Clearly Alexis is a good player. I'd have to say it many, many times with heaps of exclamation marks to convince anyone otherwise - and they would all be thick.

      Nevertheless, whether or not some commentator or other describes him as an attacker or an attacking midfielder, or even a centre back, doesn't change the established fact (agreed by all thinking/considering people) that his opportunities to score, based on being played as a striker, are, or should be, the same as those of any other striker. What he does with those opportunities is what this discussion is about.

      Clearly, comparing the opportunities of Harry Kane against Alexis Sanches, shows the former has done much better from fewer opportunities.

      It may also help to consider that Dele, playing in a role similar to Alexis when he's not played as a striker, has netted seventeen times in the league. Not far behind without any games played as a striker.

      The fact that Giroud is considered to be the main striker for the Arse at this point in time is just your bad luck I'm afraid. To argue, as some try, that because of that title Alexis can't be considered as a striker is the sort of thing that anyone with a brain would take almost no time at all to consider and dismiss. Anything else would be so obviously embarrassing. All their mates with brains would laugh so hard.

      Possibly that's a bit of a struggle for you to follow, but there you go.


  5. Giroud is the main striker at Arsenal ... let that sink in!

  6. What Giroud? The one who has been summoned from the bench a total of 18 times this season?

  7. So perhaps Sanchez is the striker after all

  8. Sanchez has been the main goal scorer for AFC. Even if he were a GK playing up front, he would be called a striker with 23 goals. Sounds like a closed mind here from a whining Woolwicher.



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