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Friday, 14 April 2017

Why suggest we buy a 5 goal flop striker?


HITC are often a bit of a nonsense website and their latest piece suggesting Tottenham should target these three players fails to take into account our transfer policy.

Why write an article that flies in the face of it if you are not going to explain why we should ditch our successful and stated transfer policy.

 To remind you, we have clearly stated the age of player we are looking for, we will not sign players over he age of 27 unless they are special. We aim to buy players and develop them into better players than they are now while improving the squad.

Players leave clubs all the time and you have to therefore take future transfer values into account. At 30 players transfer fees drop as they don't have long left of their careers, that in the eyes of many makes them a poor buy. A football club is a commercial organisation and has to be run as such, there is not a bottomless pit of money to draw upon to enable a constant loss to be made on players. To suggest on the field is all that matters is a utopia that doesn't exist today.

Why then are HITC suggesting we should buy the 29-year-old (30 in July) Marek Hamsik from Napoli? He is under contract until 2020 so his transfer fee would be at it's maximum. It simply doesn't make any sense when there are talented younger players around.

They compound their mistake by suggesting we then buy a 30-year-old 31 in may) Juventus striker, Mario Mandžukić, who wouldn't be interested in playing second fiddle to Harry Kane and flopped at Atletico Madrid. The Croatian international is under contract until 2019 and has scored a massive 5 Serie A goals in 27 games. Just what we need!

If you are going to write a speculative piece at least keep it within the bounds of our transfer policy or tell us why that policy is such a failure that we need to change it.

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  1. Actually Mario hasn't got goals cause his been playing winger all season so give him a break

    1. Respectfullt, I think you're missing the point Sherquan. The point wasn't to say that Mario was a poor player. Simply that we're looking for a striker that is younger as well, obviously, a proven record of scoring as a striker.

      If Mario hasn't even played in that role and has not done anything to indicate to indicate he might be able to fit that role well, such as scoring ten or fifteen goals from a non-striker position as Dele has done, then what possible reason would we have for taking him on as a striker?

      The comments show how idiotic a suggestion it was in the first place. Not that Mario isn't a good player. Does that make better sense?


  2. It should be clear that we don't want older players and we don't need anyone who isn't top class. We have so many good youngsters and the average age of the team is young.....just rabbiting in print for the sake of it.

  3. HITC ... They are not even worth our attention even to deride. That only serves their marketing plan. Their "reporting" is only intended to stir and make controversial statements to trigger "discussion" by readers. Nothing more. T=Why they call it "click bait:". The shame is that semi-grown adults will prostitute themselves to write for HITC. Can one hope to get a serious job if you have that on your resume? Better to write for the National Enquirer and offer up titles like "Shocker: Proof Kane is the passion child of Alien Life Form and Anthony Hopkins!"



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