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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Why have the bookies slashed the odds on Sanchez?



Certain bookmakers have the ear of certain trainers and if one of their horses are shorter with that bookmaker you know the horse is fancied. That came from a senior figure in a security department for one of the big chains and he named the bookmakers and the stables to look out for. Does the same apply to football?

According to reporter Matt Law 28-year-old (29 in December) wantaway forward Alexis Sanchez wants to leave Arsenal and join Chelsea, who are confident of signing him. Well we all know what confidence means, absolutely nothing. Manchester City were said to be confident of signing Danny Rose and they haven't a hope in hell of signing him.

Arsenal have apparently told the Chilean international that he'll have to find a club other than Chelsea and Ladbrokes have shortened the odds of him joining Tottenham from 10/1 to 3/1. Now that is a big jump, so have they heard something? Why the sudden change of odds?

Could you see Arsenal selling him to Tottenham, their fans would go mad, although they are already for supporting the dregs up the road. There is no way Arsenal would sell him to us and they will want him to go abroad. Juventus are certainly interested as are PSG. From a Gunners point of view they would be preferred destinations.

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  1. Absolutely no chance he would sign for us. Why is this even debated?

  2. The odds were cut by the bookies because he said he wanted to stay in London, making Chelsea and Spurs the only possibilities. Everyone knows Spurs is a non-starter but bookies like to cover their behinds.



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