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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Why are Janssen and Sissoko not playing more? Crazy question

We all know the writers at the Football Transfer Tavern are a joke and know little about the game. Their latest masterpiece is plumbing the depths of idiocy.

They ask why Mauricio Pochettino is not using Vincent Janssen and Moussa Sissoko more!!

Have these guys watched any Spurs football?

Moussa Sissoko clearly doesn't like it at Spurs and his head isn't focussed on producing his best. He came on after 29 minutes when harry Winks was injured and was bloody awful once again. He simply doesn't have the technical ability to play one touch football. His first touch is clumsy and heavy, his passing isn't accurate and isn't at the right pace. His head is not totally focussed on what Pochettino wants so he isn't the player he could be.

Vincent Janssen has little confidence, he works his socks off and does all his work holding the ball up with his back to goal, rarely does he get in a position to score with the ball at his feet. Teammates don't find him because they don't have enough confidence in him, they look for another option. Son Heung-min has better movement off the ball and gets chances, Janssen has the same opportunity to make runs but they are not of the same quality as Son, thus Son plays and Janssen doesn't.

As I pointed out before the international break, Son will come back tired and need a rest, which is the only reason Janssen started yesterday instead of Son.

Both don't play more because both aren't good enough. Janssen is young and could turn it around, this is only his second season in top division football (one season Eredivisie, one season premier League) but Sissoko is at an age where he doesn't want to be changing his game.

Will both be gone in the summer or just Sissoko?

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  1. Sissoko must be sold. Awful player in every aspect of the game.

  2. Actually Vincent was in a position to score yesterday but Dele got there first and missed!!!!
    We will never know either player's true ability unless they get game time and they're unlikely to get much with the way we are set up (up front).
    I know let's sell them and buy Lukaku.
    So who is Lukaku going to replace from the present first choice line-up?
    I mean he's not going to want to sit on the bench much is he?
    Do you see the conundrum that faces Poch Clive?

  3. I thought Jensen held the ball up well and also created some chances with his skill the one for Davis was a goal all but for the brilliance of Heaton's goalkeeping and there were other opportunities he created, He was brought down when almost clear on goal by Keane who picked up a booking for it so he did at least take Burnley players away to mark him but Sissoko even the Burnley players didn't bother to mark him as the knew he was never going to be a threat. What I do not understand is why he is on the bench and why Poch brings him on, or is it just to prove to the powers that be that it was a mistake to purchase him, and we need to get rid of him asap.
    Please Poch don't put him on the bench ever again.

  4. With injuries mounting we may need Sissoko from the bench . I am afraid Josh has not impressed me . Before Christmas Sissoko did well in a couple of games from the bench made the winner v Burnley at home and played well Saints away .

  5. I agree Josh doesn't seem to have progressed Like Harry Winks has but what about Edwards young and very raw but at least he will give his all unlike it seems with Sissoko at present.

  6. Jansen coudn't take on my arthritic grandmother (whose wheelchair bound) no pace epl is to fast for his brain. Scotland,Holland,Estonia even Greece are his level

  7. I can see why both were signed.

    Janssen has always shown a good attitude, even if not enough pace, talent or understanding for the Premiership. It's possible he can improve with the right work and attitude.

    Sissoko has shown on most occasions when he's been brought on that he's a player that plays to his undoubted potential only when he feels motivated to. There's little sign he's motivated to at Spurs. Today he caused break-downs of possession on numerous occasions with poor first touches and little understanding of the play around him.

    I agree with Clive that the only real question left is whether or not Janssen stays to show what he can do after a full year.



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