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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Who in their right mind would keep Sissoko?


Soccer Souls have shown their complete lack of understanding of the game again by suggesting that Mauricio Pochettino should give more chances to Moussa Sissoko, who clearly doesn't want to be at Spurs, Vincent Janssen, who started against Watford and missed an absolute sitter and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou who isn't good enough for a team in second place in the Premier League.

Why would you want to weaken your team by picking Moussa Sissoko, who has offered virtually nothing and whose agent is to have talks with the club to devise an exit strategy for his client? There is absolutely no point in trying to develop a player you don't want.

The author suggests Moussa Sissoko DESERVES another year a Tottenham, he or she must be the only person on the planet who does. He hasn't shown the technical skill needed to play our passing game. As we are paying a fee for each season he is with the club it makes far more sense to offload him for £17 million and get our money back. There are better players than him out there.

Vincent Janssen has flopped in the manner in which Roberto Soldado flopped and sentiment has no place in football. The fans like him because he works hard, but the bottom line is it is his job to score goals, that is the criteria he must be judged on. One goal from open play in a season is not a reason to keep a player.

If a player can't show you something in a whole season, then if you want to win trophies you have to send them packing and bring in someone else. Yes they may take time to settle but they can't do worse than offer you no goal threat in the manner than Janssen does.

The third player we bought for the future I'm sure. We knew he wasn't the finished article when we bought him, which could be argued of Janssen too. The website says he is expected to be sent out on loan next season which is complete rubbish. Pochettino doesn't send out first team players he wants on loan, he only sends out those the club can attach a compulsory purchase clause to that gets activated after a set number of games. We loan out players to get rid of them, not to develop them for us.

Pochettino has also made it clear in several press conferences that he feels young players are better served staying at Tottenham to learn his good habits rather than go on loan to another club and pick up their bad habits. That has been the policy since he arrived with youngsters.

Unless he is showing something in training, in which case he would be getting more cameo appearances, then as a coach you have to make a tough call.  The website say N'Koudou will probably come good in the next few years, for which there isn't any evidence.

How long do you wait for a player to improve? We waited 2 season for Lamela to show something and we have hardly seen him this season either. You can't keep too many players like that in the squad.

It is not the role of a football coach to make a success of everybody, only of the team. Sometimes you have to let a player go so he can develop at his own pace elsewhere, even then, as a better player he may still not be good enough to be in a squad challenging for Premier League titles each season.

You have to set a standard and it is up to the player to improve to reach that standard, some simply don't have the internal motivation and drive to be the player we might want them to be. In that case you let them go.

Mentality is everything in top level sport and clogging a squad up with Mr Average players who haven't shown the application needed at the highest level is madness, a road to continued failure.

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  1. Who in theior right mind would keep Sissoko? THBN - Tottenham Hotspur (Weblog) 19:06

  2. The question then is how or why did he arrive in the first place, especially as the N’castle fans fell about laughing when they heard the news?
    Was this the final nail in Mitchell’s box of tricks or was it down to McKenzie?
    I can’t wait for the ’tell all’ book during the Levy Years to appear…

  3. Lamela a shame, Sissoko cant wait to see the back of him, he makes it obvious he doesn't by in to the Poch way, Janssen like Soldado has some great assets but just doesn't seem to fit in with the new Spurs way, and Georges-Kevin N'Koudou offers no more than Onomah which I don't think is good enough for a title challenging squad, Lets get rid of all four and get two decent squad players for competing on all fronts for next season

  4. A question all of us are asking regarding Sissoko, who should never have been bought in the first place. I am sure Poch will have realised his mistake by now and will ship him out at the earliest opportunity.

    Regarding Janssen and Nkoudou. Neither had a pre-season with us and both have shown flashes of promise. They are 22 and 21 years old respectively and were never expected to hit the ground running, in a league like the EPL, which is completely different to the leagues they had been playing in. They both have a good attitude, enthusiastic and coachable and both deserve another season at least to come good.

  5. Honestly that's the first shit comment I've read on this site lemela is one of his favourite players and was the Best player at the Start of the season when eriksen alli and Kane hadn't gotten going, i think give nkoudou a break his awful transfer meant his never gotten fit enough for us and wont without a summer , Vincent is a fighter and poch likes fighters and his the only that can manage a game in our team just watch the Everton and barnly games

  6. YOU bought Sissoko to stop Everton from being up there with you in the top 4 he changed his mind at the last minute and signed for you guys! I dont know how well he would have done for EFC But if you look Lukaku has come good and is now the Top Scorer in the PL with 24 goals, Imagine if those two were paired together and they hit it off... The good point for you is you have that already with Ali and Kane... Give the two young lads time and some playing time, Cups and Lower opposition and they will eventually get better.... Keep the pressure up at the Top, Now Chelsea have to go to UTD, Boro, Everton... We all need the points and they may well drop points..hope it goes to the Wire and you pip them last day of the season if not before..You have the team now get rid of the deadwood and build your squad! Good Luck If you Win all your remaining games thats all you can do, its Chelsea`s TO LOSE..

    1. Thanks for the good wishes. If you think any club buys a player simply to spite or hold back another club though, then you may need to consider how that would work to our advantage. That's a very expensive way to operate. You've probably noticed we at Spurs are the antithesis of expensive operators.

      Back to the main subject. I believe Sissoko will go as indicated in the article. I doubt Janssen & N'koudou will go just yet. I expect them to get looked at over the Summer and then we'll see. Lamela I expect to recover and stay.




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