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Friday, 14 April 2017

We have watched him all season, but will Pulisic leave Dortmund?


Funnily enough, it was only yesterday that I was thinking to myself I must write an article on Borussia Dortmund winger Christian Pulisic and the Daily Mail have beaten me to it.

The 18-year-old (19 in December) American talent is wanted by Bayern Munich, who hover up the best players in Germany, PSG, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Arsenal, although in their current state and league position are no longer an attraction for top players I wouldn't have thought. As we know to our cost, players want UEFA Champions League football and will hold out for a move that gives them that. All that Arsenal can offer now is wages, but they don't look as though they will be getting Champions League money which will reduce their income by what, £30 million (€35.35m - AUS$49.62m - US$37.52m).

We have been watching the young talent all season and his agent, who is also his father, has previously indicated to German newspaper Bild that his so would make a decision on his future in the summer.

He signed a contract extension in January to keep him at Dortmund until 2020 and unless he is unhappy, which I certainly haven't read anything about, then there seems little reason to leave, unless it is to Bayern Munich.

According to the Express we are in a race with Premier League rivals to sign him, but unless he has decided to leave, there is no race. As yet, there has been nothing concrete to say he is leaving Dortmund.

From our point of view he is an inverted winger and we need another, it is a bonus that he is American and we have an American kit manufacturer plus an NFL tie-up. If he has the talent to play for us, as you would assume he does playing at Dortmund, then he is a player we could pay a little extra for. Commercially we might get a good return on our investment as well as what he might offer on the football field.

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  1. Agree - It's a 50-50 situation as to advantages for Pulisic, Dortmund vs Spurs. Americans follow the EPL in far greater numbers than German football, so if that matters to Pulisic, then there's that. And now that the US Men's Nat. Team has switched managers, that possible Spurs connection is gone as well. Many players hope to play EPL ball - a "bigger stage" ... so perhaps Pulisic falls into that category? But he would be a stellar addition to Spurs. Runs at defenses at high tempo with an eye for creating chances - which he's very good at. A good finisher himself. The attack could have another double-figure attacker who equally creates for others. Be still my beating heart!



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