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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

VIDEO - Great analysis of Spurs movement and pressure


The analysis of Jamie Carragher and particularly Gary Neville who won a mass of trophies with Manchester United was exactly what \i was talking about in a previous article on improving the quality of the TV coverage of football.

Sky to be fair to them have been improving it, they have taken on board technology and their studio experts are coming to terms with its use more and more. But what I liked about the analysis, having watched it on YouTube, was that he was focusing on the coaching and where Tottenham players were moving.

The art of making something look simple is a hell of a lot of hard work. The nations best comedy double act ever probably, Morecambe and Wise, put in a tremendous effort to perfect what looked to be instinct.

Neville pointed out the movement of our players, particularly Ben Davies and Jan Vertonghen, he showed people not only where they were on the pitch but why they were there. That is just the sort of little tactical nuances the public need to hear about because people watch football, but they aren't watching it from a coaches point of view.

The discussion on pressure and the need to cut the gap to one game, in terms of points, was an interesting one, being from former players who have been there and done it, under the very kind of pressure Neville was talking about.

This weekend is a significant weekend also. If we beat them then we are planting the seed in the heads again of just how good we are and that will help to fuel thoughts that perhaps this Tottenham team are not going to drop points. The mind can play funny tricks so mentally the semi-final is massive.

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1 comment:

  1. Very interesting clip Clive. Thank you.

    We should know by the end of this month if we still have a strong chance. The FA Cup, Everton and Arsenal games seem to be the crunchers.




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