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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Update the football coverage

After 63 Premier League games:
Dele Alli (Tottenham Hotspur)
Goals 26 Assists 14 

Paul Scholes (Manchester United)
Goals 18 Assists 3 

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Goals 6 Assists 4

Goals and assists in all competitions this season: Harry Kane
24 Goals 4 Assists

Christian Eriksen 
11 Goals 17 Assists
Dele Alli 
19 Goals 10 Assists
Son Heung-min 
18 Goals 7 Assists Total: 72 goals and 38 assists
Those figures highlight the importance of the front four contributing and not just one player. The so called experts tell us we are a one-man team who will struggle without Harry Kane, yet we haven't lost a single match he has missed! After the event and with hindsight they change their tune.

Most of them are a complete waste of time because they don't tell us anything we don't already know or can figure out for ourselves. They should be giving us far more insight into a team shape, the problems being faced and the various solutions to it.

To tell us a side are playing a packed defence is teaching your grandmother to suck eggs, we can see that for ourselves, inform the public how you defeat it, how you could get around it. Don't wait for us to achieve it and then tell us how we did it. Do both, a before and after.

In the build up to a game show us the formations and how you go about approaching the game, tell us what will be happening in the dressing room, tell us what a player is thinking, how he motivates himself. Give us the behind the scenes detail. Spurs are having a glass tunnel in the new stadium so supporters can see behind the scenes, we are not doing it because it isn't something people want.

I think football coverage is a mile away from where it should be. The man in the street has never played football with tactics at the level of the Premier League so inform them and tell the public exactly what it takes to be a professional footballer in the Premier League.

I would appoint a studio manager and give him a backup team. Their job would be to come up with tactics as to how to beat a team or achieve a draw, what half-time team talk would he give and I'd have him relay that on TV as if he were coaching his side in the dressing room. We would then get to see a lot of the game away from the ball and give people a greater understanding of each player's role within a system.


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