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Sunday, 2 April 2017

The title is not over yet


No Harry Kane, no Kyle Walker, no Danny Rose and the two starting defensive midfielders off injured after 29 minutes at a side with the sixth-best home record in the Premier League and who held Chelsea there and we still came away with a victory.

That takes belief. Without the belief, you don't have the commitment and without the commitment, you don't have the success. At half time Mauricio Pochettino changed the system, he didn't give a motivational talk, motivation is internal, he didn't talk about what the opposition were doing and how to counteract that, he simply changed the system, talked about new roles and left the team to it.

The Argentinian came out for the second half 5 minutes early, he trusted his side, he trusted his players to motivate themselves and gain the win we needed to maintain any pressure we could on Chelsea. While there is a mathematical possibility, you have t believe the title is possible, otherwise it isn't.

Chelsea lost and the gap is reduced to seven points, Manchester City are up next for Chelsea. If City can win that and we can beat Swansea City on Wednesday then the gap is four points. The pressure of a four point gap is a world away from a ten point gap.

Manchester City at home, Bournemouth away, Manchester United away, Southampton at home three days after they play us in an FA Cup semi-final and Everton away are their next five Premier League fixtures.

We face Swansea City away, Watford at home, Bournemouth at home, the FA Cup semi-final, Crystal Palace away and Arsenal at home. The next four games we need four wins and just imagine if Manchester City and Manchester United both beat Chelsea.

The title is not over yet.

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  1. First Half
    My first half comment was thus; ‘it would be nice if Dele got involved at some point’.
    Second Half
    Then he did and sneaky Sonny popped up to put away the second.
    Today was an excellent example of a ‘workmanlike performance’ from ALL our players….keep ‘em at it Poch, doesn’t always have to be pretty.
    Dele you had 3 shots inside the box, all off’on guy!
    Was it that tough at Tough Moor?
    Burnley had two shots (more like passes) on target…

    1. (Assuming Dier?) LOL.

      I doubt anyone will need to tell Dele where he slipped up. He'll be feeling every miss very acutely. Unlike him and I'm sure he'll work hard to avoid it in future.

      Burnley more famous at Turf Moor as a fortress than as being particularly rampant. They held together pretty well TBF, until that one slip let Dier in.

      They've only lost there to some other top-6 sides, but let's not forget we're second and tougher opposition than they've had to deal with yet. That says something when we're so ravaged by injury.

      Barnes should have been booked at least for launching into Wanyama with his knee raised. Disgraceful challenge. He even had the cheek to complain later when scything at Dembele above the shin that it was only his first foul and thus didn't warrant a yellow (The ignorance of the rules of so many players is astonishing)!

      Anyway, a pretty impressive day out by our boys today I believe.


  2. I think we did brilliantly in the second half even though we only had 10 men on the pitch, You cannot count that second half performance from Sissoko as being anything but abysmal. If he really wants any future at Tottenham surely he has got to do more than he did, I think he actually only managed to make one pass to one of his team mates during the whole time he was on the pitch. A complete waste of space, surely even a very raw Youth team player would have been able to pass to a team mate at least once more than this complete waste of a Tottenham shirt. I never slag our own players of but this one is an exception.



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