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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Success comes after failure, Champions League a learning curve

Mauricio Pochettino has held his pre-game 'feed the media machine' press conference, the obligation for all managers and all clubs.

Do Spurs need to win a trophy this season?
Pochettino - "It's true that we are doing a good season in the Premier League and FA Cup and we feel a little bit disappointed about the Champions League.

"It was a period when we struggled to compete against Monaco -- you can see Monaco is in the semi-final, we were competing with a very good team. In Premier League and FA Cup, now we have the chance to fight for big things. For us, it's more important to focus and enjoy the game.

"To play under our philosophy, to learn, grow up, we're in a different process, a different moment to Chelsea. It's impossible to compare the clubs, the teams when fighting for FAC and PL title, too."

Success comes after failure and while some would say we took the UEFA Champions League by storm last time and enlivened a tired competition, this is a younger group of players. This is a group of players learning their craft under a manager who improves players as opposed to simply piecing together expensive purchases.

Last season the Premier League as a learning curve, we have been stronger this season and our entry into the UEFA Champions league perhaps exposed a lack of depth within the squad and was an education for our young players again. You would expect us to fare better next season, having learned from this one, which is a point Hugo Lloris made.


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