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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

striker Sandro would cost more than £5.17m


Villarreal, Sevilla and Tottenham Hotspur continue to track Sandro Ramirez, the former Barcelona forward who left for Malaga on a free transfer last summer.

Malaga sporting director Francesc Arnau told the press in November that it was difficult to convince him to go to Malaga and would have been impossible without a low release clause. That release clause drops to below £5.17 million (€6m - AUS$8.52m - US$6.44m) in the summer.

Other reports have suggested it is £10.34 million (€12m - AUS$17.05m - US$12.88m). The difference comes about, I believe, because with the lower fee Barcelona's buy-back clause must remain in his contract, something which we at Tottenham will not entertain. 

So while the figures might look good for a story, they are no good for us, we would have to be looking at a higher fee to remove the buyback clause, something Barcelona wouldn't want.

Transfers are complicated affairs with third parties and or buyback clauses

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  1. If he left on a free transfer how can Barca insert a buyback clause?

    1. Because it is written into a players contract. Barcelona and Real Madrid do it, He wasn't a free agent but he wanted to play football. Barcelona therefore sold him for nothing to Mallaga who he refused to sign for unless release clauses were inserted. Barcelona have a 2 year buyback option, which has a year left to run and if purchased for £5.1m that final year buyback clause must remain, to remove it you have to pay a higher fee.



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