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Friday, 21 April 2017

Still at Spurs and still remaining at Spurs

Lloris 99% certain to stay at Tottenham - that story I penned on 15 February 2015 stemmed from all the rubbish being written about him joining Manchester United and my knowledge that he had found his kindred spirit, his soulmate in Mauricio Pochettino.

It flew in the face of the mainstream press and time has shown it to be spot on. Sometimes there is more to football than money, sometimes there is happiness, sometimes there is a project and the realisation that you could be part of something special.

"My destiny is linked to Mauricio, it's a certainty. He matters a lot to me. Our relationship goes beyond football, it's a match, and one day he will be the best manager in the world. For me he is already. His presence and our relationship are the most important elements for me."

That is what he told Le Figaro in March 2017 and ESPN asked him what he meant by that, although it seems perfectly plain.

"The main reason [why I'm still at Tottenham] is Mauricio Pochettino. That's the truth and I cannot hide that. It's very clear. It just means I have a lot of respect for the man, a lot of respect for the manager. We have a great connection and when you get something strong like that, it's never easy to find it again in your life or in your career. It's very simple. 
"And then, in football, everything is impossible. The only thing that I know is that I enjoy my time at Tottenham and especially under Mauricio Pochettino. I believe that with him the club can reach the level we all want. 
"I still remember the first time I spoke to him by phone, just a few days after he signed here as manager. It was very simple. He tried to describe his philosophy of football, the way he wants to play, the way he wants the team to work. And his ambition. He's a winner and he has a lot of ambition, individually. 
"He has created something very special inside this building [Hotspur Way] because I can tell you that the club we are at the moment is not the same as it was before he signed. I could talk a lot about him but this is not the right place."

Since that 2015 article was penned the bond between them has grown even stronger, that hasn't stopped the press linking him with Manchester United again, they just ignore what gets in the way of their story.

To create success, you have to have a happy environment and Lloris has always been happy at Tottenham and happy with life off the field too, also very important. It is harder to leave a soulmate who has created the right environment for players to work and has shown himself capable of improving a club. Spurs are in the midst of something special, there is a long way to go but the turnaround of the club in such a short space of time is remarkable.

The players who were here for themselves have all gone, it's the team or nothing now and nobody wants to miss a game in case they can't get back in the side. That is the mentality that has been created, if you get a chance you must take it, no excuses. That drives each and every player to improve. If you can't handle that you get send packing.

Lloris is quiet, he isn't a tub-thumper, he doesn't need to give motivational speeches because each player motivates themselves. Perform or be dropped. That internal motivation is stronger than any external motivation and produces greater results.

Why would anyone want to leave Spurs right now? Hugo certainly doesn't.

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