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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Spurs overtake Arsenal in Euro Rankings


Euro Club Index produce European football's most comprehensive and accurate rankings their Twitter profile says and after last night's football, they have updated their rankings.
.In the European Club Index rankings now, Tottenham Hotspur have overtaken Arsenal. Spurs have moved up one place and now sit in 13th while our North London intruders have sunk three places to 16th.

Few would argue with that. Jamie Carragher had it spot on as did Claudio Ranieri on Monday Night Football. Both had to be careful with their choice of words. We saw last season that the players didn't want to play for Jose Mourinho and didn't, we have seen this season for some reason unfathomable, that the Leicester City players didn't want to play for Claudio Ranieri.

If players want a manager out, they down tools and go through the motions, they don't try. The Arsenal players last night and for a few away games now have not been trying for Arsene Wenger. You can not see Alexis Sanchez being at the club next season, nor perhaps Meshut Ozil, while a few of the others were bottling every 50-50 ball.

Claudio Ranieri said one team wanted it more than the other team. That is the diplomatic way of saying one team were not trying. Arsenal captain Theo Walcott said the same and Carragher highlighted some moments in the game where Arsenal players didn't tackle or challenge, they simply half-heatedly hang out a leg, a token gesture.

Tottenham, on the other hand, has got rid of players who didn't want to do it the manager's way. No messing about, they were simply removed from the first team squad and sent to work with the Development squad to demonstrate you have no future here. It doesn't matter how much skill you have, if you are not in line you are not mentally giving it 100% and that affects performance.

The result is the club comes first, you come second. The club is not going to change, either you will or you will leave.

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  1. I didn’t watch the game, I have zero interest in watching the Arse unless we are playing them but I don’t like player power, it smacks of ’throwing ones toys out of the pram’.
    The Thai owner of LCFC will realise that he can no longer attract top management because he failed to support a top manager in his hour of need and you will see in the Summer that the next step for LCFC will be their ‘star’ (read ‘one season wonders’) players leaving for more worthy (read ‘selfish’) causes i.e. more money!
    Wenger, I think, has basically overstayed his welcome and it will be interesting to see with whom the Arse owners decide to steady their ship.

  2. I live in the Croydon area (Where Crystal Palace is) so I watched the second half and know people who went to the game.

    The weekend started on a high note, then every club in the top half of the table (Except WBA - No big deal) followed on and won their respective games later on the Saturday and even on the Sunday. The shine really taken off the Spurs result.

    Then along come CP and make the Arse look less than ordinary.

    Not such a bad weekend after all :-)




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