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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Spurs lead the PL for shots and shots on target


Tottenham leads the Premier League for shots on target with 204 (6.83 per game) and we concede only 90 (2.81 per game). Manchester City and Chelsea have both conceded 88 (2.75 per game) and Manchester United 86 (2.69 per game).

Crystal Palace are down in 13th125 shots on target (3.79 per game) and conceding 156 (4.73 per game).

We have taken more shots than anyone else, 561 (17.53 per game), conceding 287 (8.97 per game). Man City have conceded 257 (8.03 per game), Liverpool 275 (8.09 per game), Chelsea 273 (8.53) and Manchester United 281 (8.78 per game). That suggests we still have work to do on our defence and that it can be improved.

If you bear in mind we are top of the league for shots and shots on target and see Chelsea have had 455 shots (7th best, average 14.22 per game) scoring one more goal than us and Liverpool 558 shots in 2 games more (3rd best, average 16.41 per game) scoring 2 more goals than us you could make a case for arguing we still can improve our finishing and be more clinical. We were certainly given a demonstration of that at the weekend

Crystal Palace have had 394 shots (10th best, average 11.94 per game) and have conceded 446 (13.52 per game).

APOLOGIES - My eye sight has made an error with the Chelsea stats, they have scored 65 goals (2.03 per game).

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1 comment:

  1. That maybe so Clive but our conversion rate (although improving) is still only average.
    Top of the table (Goals For/SoT for) are Arsenal (sorry guys).
    Here's the link with the data...
    That said, we've made a big improvement (conversion rate) from last season. The same table had us second from bottom or where MANU are now!



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