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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Spurs don't do what 95% do so we won't get their results

The Search For Success

We have, I assume they still exist, our own chequebook fans, our plastic brigade who believe Daniel levy has to constantly be splashing the cash because that is the only way to bring success. It is of course a wrong mindset.

Success is built on setting goals and training the mind to act in a way to achieve your goals, in other words to be persistent and constantly improve oneself.

Pochettino on Chelsea: “It is not about putting in money and build an artificial team. Tottenham is genuine, a natural process, and it is unique"

Without the financial incomes of others, you can either destroy a club by throwing money around you don't have, and we have to remember the wages, or devise an alternative strategy. Improve oneself.

That is the principle Daniel Levy undertook at Spurs. We have to build, grow, increase step by step, bring people in who can improve what we have, give the youth the right mindset. If the youth have the right mindset then you can give them a chance and they are more likely to take it, they are less likely to have the negativity that the stage is too big, less chance of nerves taking over.

We have seen with Kane, Alli and Winks, how the right mindset has the thinking this is where they belong and thus perform almost immediately.

There are statistics that show if you follow 100 people throughout their working lives, at retirement age 1 will be wealthy, 4 will be financially secure, 5 will continue working because they have to, 36 will be dead, 54 will be broke, living with benefit handouts (5% successful, 95% not successful).

If you do what the 95% do or what they tell you to do, you'll have the same results as them, you'll have nothing. Why would you listen to and take the advice of people who don't know how to succeed themselves? 

Statistics show that lottery winners lose their money in 2/3 years because they don't know how to keep it, or multiply it.

In a football sense that means that you won't retain success unless you have the right mindset in the first place. We undertook a different approach to the 95%, we invested in youth and in a coach who actually improves players instead of just building a team. 

There is a huge difference, not all coaches are equal. Premier League clubs were not giving youth much of a chance, it was too risky, we have thrown that theory out the window. We decided not to do what the 95% do.

Yes we need to win trophies, but we do not need to win a trophy and then disappear back to where we were before, we do not need to be a lottery winner. The foundations of long lasting success are of primary importance and we can see they are being built, yes it takes time but persist and success is inevitable. That is the road we are on, it is only a matter of time before trophies arrive, if we don't deviate from our strategy.

We have a quality coach with the right approach and where mentality is everything. Have the mentality and everything else falls into place because you are prepared to do what it takes. We are where we are because we only retain the players who are prepared to do what it takes, we don't carry passengers.

Summer will see some passengers go with new recruits we believe will have the right mindset, however, we won't actually know until they are here, unless we invest in professional mental assessment to a far greater degree than we are now. There are still too many purchases who are not prepared to do what it takes at Tottenham.


  1. Before I go on, I say that I basically agree with you: Spurs shouldn't simply get their chequebook out to solve problems. But sadly, contrary to what you argue, there is a strong correlation between the amount clubs spend (particularly on wages) and success. In short, it works. There will always be counter examples -- Leicester last year, most obviously. But there are outliers in any dataset, that's just the nature of statistics.

    Anyhow, we may well have found a way to buck that trend. Let's hope so -- love Poch to death and if he can show that there is another way to success, by bringing young players through, that can only be good.

  2. I think the point here is that, while throwing money at a team can certainly help, it's not sustainable. There are clubs that are financially bigger than us that can afford that approach, at least for a while. We are not one of them. We would forever be trying to compete against bigger kids in the playground. That approach only really works for the biggest. We're sixth biggest ATM and over the years we've tried that approach and ended up around about that position in the league, when we don't have other problems.

    Essentially, it's just a more expensive way to fail.

    OTOH we've found a way to compete on the pitch without having to compete on budget with much bigger clubs. Does that perspective help any?




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