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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Sissoko costs Spurs

Swansea v Spurs

Vorm, Walker, Alderweireld, Vertonghen (C), Davies, Dier, Dembele, Sissoko, Eriksen, Dele, Son

Subs: Lopez, Carter-Vickers, Wimmer, Trippier, Onomah, Nkoudou, Janssen

Mauricio Pochettino revealed before the game that Hugo Lloris was unwell meaning a start for Michel Worm against his old side and another game on the bench for number 3 Pau Lopez.

"Hugo started to feel unwell after lunch so stayed at the hotel. He is not ready to play."
As expected after a rest following the international break, South Korean Son Heung-min resumed duties as centre-forward with Dutchman Vincent Janssen dropping to the bench. Harry Winks is of course out for the season and Victor Wanyama hasn't recovered sufficiently from the knee he got in the back against Burnley. Frenchman Moussa Sissoko took his place.

The big moment of the first half came after just 5 minutes when Moussa Sissoko had the simplest of passes to make across the penalty box for us to tap the ball home and go 1-0 up, but he inexplicably played it so Leroy Far could cut the ball out by playing it behind the first man. It was a crazy choice of pass and it had a knock on effect.

Swansea City then scored and subsequently put every man behind the ball, dropping 5 yards deeper and asking us to try and break down a packed defence. That one moment of laziness, because that's what it was, from Sissoko meant instead of having our noses in front we were chasing the game. had we been in front it would have been a different game, Swansea couldn't just park the bus.

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  1. I'm no fan of Sissoko but this "report" is absolutely pathetic. Lets all direct our anger at the soft target. We play as a team and we lose as a team. Blaming a player for not scoring isn't the sole reason we are losing. We have 4 of our best 11 out tonight and no bench.

    1. Totally agree. I also didnt like how alli had a go at Janssen when he tried to find nkodo for a 2nd goal! Was spirit is where we need players to support the others.COYS

    2. yeah of course spurs dont have any "team spirit"...what planet you from?...MUPPET.....coys

  2. And we still won what team spirit we have (anonymous)

  3. Sorry idiots, did I mention team spirit? This report was written when we were a goal down and I was questioning the stupidy of blaming a player who missed a chance for us being a goal behind. That is retarded but no less than Ive come to expect of this site.
    I am no fan of Sissoko, didnt want him on deadline day and havent changed my mind since then but constantly jumping on the bandwagon of hating the guy when he isnt even to blame is retarded, especially as he still wears a Spurs shirt and may decide to see out his contract with us in the absence of anyone else likely to come in and match his wages.
    So how about actually not having a go at the bloke purely for starting in a game when we are up to our eyes with injuries.

  4. I think we have to look at his overall contribution to the team effort. I'm certainly no fan of his and hope we sell him soon. As for team spirit, just watch how often players look for other options rather than play the ball to him. They have no faith in his ability either and therefore I think that affects team spirit. He is now a liability whenever he is on the pitch as other players cannot play their natural game as they don't have confidence in making their usual passes to wherever Sissoko is on the pitch. This does have a detrimental effect on all the team.
    please keep him off the pitch for the rest of the season otherwise there will be more disasters in the remaining games.

  5. If there was any match that deserves to receive a good and a bad award then this was the match.
    Let me start, Poch, by saying (yet again) Sonny is not your ‘go to’ player. Obviously that hasn’t sunk in yet.
    First Half
    The less said about the Swansea goal the better.
    Well, we huffed and we puffed and failed miserably to blow the house down.
    Second Half
    Then, lo and behold, VJ appeared, we switched to three at the back, the Swans’ wings stopped flapping and we scored three in six minutes including another sneaky one from Sonny!
    Why does Vorm backtrack when the ball is passed back to him? We end up recycling the ball near the six yard box. Therein lies disaster. Stop it Michel, please!
    MOTM…Christian Ericksen
    Late on in the 2nd half, I wasn’t happy seeing Dele ‘expressing his opinion’ to Vincent.
    Mon avis Vincent, tell him where to “stick his opinion”!

  6. You have this habit of finding someone to continuously have a go at. Its simply poor journalism by someone who prides himself on seeing beyond the obvious. Why you do this I'm not sure but for a large part of your blog you provide insightful and often informed comment. But you do have this tendency to scapegoat and it demeans your other work and credibility. We've all watched Sissoko and we know what he can and can't do. There's nothing gained in continuously hammering the bloke. He has 4 or 5 assists this season in very little game time but used correctly he has the ability to open up defences now and again in certain situations and certain games in a way few of our other players can and with 8 big league game and the cup still to come we need all hands on deck. Lay off the one eyed approach, your point was made by the 4th, 5th or 6th time you hammered him!

  7. I don't remember him making any assists unless you mean he kept out of the way.

  8. I was at the Swansea game on Wednesday and personally I thought Sissoko did okay. He was more involved in the early stages of the first half before Poch switched him across to the left hand side. His passing and link up play was consistent but he's obviously lacking inconfidence which is affecting his overall play.



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