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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Prospect of transfer receding as attitude improves


Plenty of the press haven't understood the situation with 21-year-old (22 in July) Luke Shaw at Old Trafford and the tactics Jose Mourinho has been using to try and get him to return to being a quality player.

Accounts suggest he has been told he needs to change his lifestyle if he wants to remain at Manchester United, his off the field life is affecting his on the field life. As a top professional, you have to be a professional 24 hours a day and look after your body, it is after-all the tool of your trade. Apparently, his parents agree with Jose Mourinho that he must change his home life.

Jose Mourinho on Luke Shaw: "The attitude is improving and the opportunities are coming.

Two coaches have now had problems with him, both have suggested he is unfit, which suggests he isn't eating or training in the manner in which you need to when you want to play for a top club.

We have two left-backs and if he is unprofessional at home then he isn't right for Tottenham.

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