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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Pochettino NOT wanted by Argentina


EXCLUSIVE: Argentina want Mauricio Pochettino to succeed Edgardo Bauza shout the Daily and Sunday Express, well it is exclusive garbage.

Firstly the Daily and Sunday Express have almost certainly not seen any list compiled by the Argentinian football federation. What they may have seen is the pure guesswork of the Argentinian press who drew up a shortlist of 10 possible names last summer and in that article explained why Mauricio WOULD NOT be offered the job, basically because he is far too inexperienced.

Argentina appoint experienced managers and Pochettino has a way to go yet, he has never won anything, whereas someone like Diego Simeone has, but even he is considered too inexperienced to get the nod.

The article is nothing more than scaremongering for the gullible. Mauricio Pochettino was not seriously considered last summer, the article made that quite clear. There is absolutely no chance Argentina will come calling for Pochettino and in January he also stated he does not want to manage his country yet, he enjoys the day-to-day involvement of club management, something you simply don't get at international level.

The Daily Star suggest we are in a tug-of-war with Barcelona for him which again is not the case. He himself in his pre-game press conference said he couldn't manage Barcelona when asked by a journalist. Barcelona like to appoint people who have a connection with the club, Pochettino has the opposite!

More press garbage, anyone with an once of common sense could tell these stories are lacking in credibility.

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