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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pochettino not considered for Argentina job

Argentina couldn't afford to appoint Pochettino even if they wanted to

The forum dwellers at Sports Witness keep writing articles that suggest Argentina want to appoint Mauricio Pochettino to the national post, which almost certainly isn't the case. Pochettino has effectively achieved nothing and Argentina appoints managers who have experience.

Last summer the Argentinian press once again wrote that that was the type of national manager the Argentine Football Association (AFA) were looking to appoint. That is unlikely to have changed. Mauricio Pochettino himself has said he is too inexperienced to manage Argentina but would like to do so in the future, a clear indication he is staying at Tottenham.

The suggestion that Pochettino turned down the Argentine job is a misrepresentation of the facts that have been crossed through language changes. Pochettino and Simeone publicly stated they didn't want the Argentine job and that has been turned into the job was offered to them and refused. That is something quite different.

A former striker, Claudio Caniggia, who played for Dundee and Rangers in Scotland, as well as Roma and Benfica,  makes a very valid point when he suggests the money Pochettino and Simeone are earning in Europe makes it impossible for Argentina to appoint them at the moment.

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