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Monday, 3 April 2017

Pochettino cites belief as the most important aspect of football

So Mauricio Pochettino is telling us in the pre-game press conference that belief is the most important thing in football and yet a certain website was telling their viewers that it was complete garbage when I was writing about it lest season!

As Pochettino points out belief is the most important thing, not what skill you possess. Mentality is everything. Let me give you part of a speech from Jim Rohn who was a motivational speaker and successful entrepreneur. He spoke about an enemy of the mind.

"Pessimism is the enemy of the mind that tries to get you to see only the negative side, of course there is a negative side, life is part negative, what else is new. If the glass is half empty it is half empty, well you say I've only been taught to see that it is half full. Well, sure it's half full, but it's also half empty, can't you handle that, that's not too difficult. 
"But here is what pessimism will try to get you to do. Believe that it is ONLY half empty and when pessimism comes to your mind you've got to educate it because pessimism is stupid. Pessimism tries to get you to believe that it's only half empty. Of course it's half empty but it's not only half empty, it's also, half full. I'm asking you to be in charge, be in charge of your own mind, be in charge of your own destiny, do battle with your enemy."

He crammed in about being positive and believing a lot because without it, it is impossible to achieve anything. Fortunately more and more of our supporters are understanding that now. Many of the younger ones have not been brought up on success so it is understandable they take a while to grasp the importance of mentality.

The more Pochettino and Lloris can educate our fans what it takes to be successful the better.

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